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Color Up - Awesome minimalist jumper game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by chanoleproso, Sep 24, 2019.

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    Hi Everyone, our new game Color Up is already live.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumper.platformer.matedevs.colorup

    Gameplay video:

    It is a minimalist jumper with very simple two-finger mechanics.
    It has two modes by now, classic mode which includes 6 worlds with 5 levels each one. And an endless mode for each world.
    Each world has its unique environment factors, for example rain, wind, upside down
    We invite whoever wants/can download and help us with a review and/or feedback so we can continue improving it

    Thanks everyone!

Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Pl

Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Pl Forum


WARNING: This game is extremely addictive!
How to play:
✔️ Download and launch the game ✔️ Tap and jump from one block to the next ✔️ Fill in the level meter to reach next level ✔️ Single tap pause and play for easy platformer games Features of Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper :
✔️ Intriguing UI/UX ✔️ Attention-grabbing audio and visual effects ✔️ Exciting infinite runner game ✔️ One click sound and screen orientation settings ✔️ Level up and break records to showcase your platformer games skills ✔️ Simple tap and jump controls Want to test your knowledge about projectile motion?
Test your cube jumper skills with this enthralling minimalist games 2019
. Tap and Jump to discover your physics based skills, level up to show case your platformer games dexterity to become the ultimate master of Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper . Discover a whole new perspective of physics based gaming.
Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper is one of the most exciting platformer games which allows you experience projectile motion on virtual basis. Being one of the most loved minimalist games 2019, this infinite runner game is all set to take you on a breathtaking physics based gaming experience. Set up on a whole new adventure!
Tap and hold to fill in the blocks and decide when to release to jump to next platforms. Be very careful about your decision as this cube jumper is nothing like what you would normally expect. Unexpectedly swiping game play directions, unforeseen block sizes and the pressing need for playing your best moves – everything adds up to deliver the most adrenaline-stimulating game play for you! Got a thing for creativity?
Exciting game play, attention-grabbing aesthetics! How about getting into a dreamy gaming vibe? Cut off your mind from the pressure of days by switching to a dreamy world of Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper . As one of the most creative minimalist games 2019, the cube jumper features a unique combination of dreamy colors and unique details to help you explore a whole new cosmos of challenging game play. Cherish the layout while focusing every move towards precision and accuracy. Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper is a complete package of fun and refreshment! Level up to unlock new rewards!
With Color Up -Tap Jump Level Up Platformer Jumper , the fun never stops. Challenge your skills on this infinite runner game and test how far you can go without giving in to the pressure of functional anxiety. Think you get the best projectile motion skills? We challenge you to think again as this game is designed to break all your personal perceptions. The game play features a level meter to indicate how far along you have come to complete a level. Fill the level meter with ever right move you take or lose it all with one wrong judgment!

December 18, 2019
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