Coloring Book for kids [Game]


I want to show you our Coloring book app for kids, we have updated it last time so I think it's good time to show how it looks :)
Our Coloring book invites children to draw & color a wide variety of animals, halloween, landscapes, knights, princess, dinosaurs. Kids has the possibility to express themselves creatively and become familiar with a full pallet of colors, even doodle like Picasso! This application is visually arresting and intuitive which creates the perfect educational platform for children.

Coloring book for kids is divided into several coloring-in categories and progressive levels of difficulty. Children and/or adults can share their personalized paintings as greeting cards or simply store them in their own gallery.

An app can be used at the playschool, preschool, for fun as an educational drawing game. For girls we have princess, hearts, dresses and flowers we prepared. Coloring book for boys are diggers, excavators, cars, vehicles, dinosaurs and blank page doodling. The biggest attraction though is coloring animals, that make real sounds!

Real animal sounds are of course not the only thing your child will learn. FingerPen is also about colouring other objects, like cars, rockets, trucks, castles, dino, butterflies, dresses, doodle, much more. We have over 500 coloring pages for kids and we’re still working on enlarging that number!

Kids Coloring Book features:
★ Realistic finger coloring book for kids that requires precision and practice.
★ Develops fine kids motor skills in creative way.
★ 12 drawing categories: Halloween, coloring book for boys, coloring book for girls, coloring book for kids, animals, number & letters, shapes, christmas, princess, dinosaurs, cosmos and potluck.
★ Coloring game with animals sounds!
★ Coloring book free contains over 500 illustrations as free coloring pages (including Halloween, princess, dinosaur) with ads.
★ Full version of FingerPen Coloring Book for kids contains no ads.
★ Kids Engaging, age-appropriate and skill-appropriate topics
★ Store completed drawings in the kids coloring books gallery or share them as greeting card.
★ Coloring book HD - the app adjusts to screen sizes of all devices including tablet
★ Free updates

Learning through play
Painting is an art, which contribute to the proper development of your child.

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