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com.google.process.gapps Gmail Force Close

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stuartc, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. stuartc

    stuartc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All.

    I have had a desire for a couple of months now and have recently been getting an error with the gmail app. Whenever I open it and scroll down it comes up with "Loading conversations ...." then it pops up the force close error "The process com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". It then closes the Gmail app.

    I have tried to the factory reset option and clearing the gmail app cache but this does not rectify this error. Short of sending the phone back to Vodafone or HTC I am stuck ...

    The phone is a stock standard vodafone issue without any mods etc

    Any ideas ??


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  2. rking

    rking Newbie

    I have an HTC incredible and am running into the exact same problem....
  3. fahadchaudhry

    fahadchaudhry Member

    Received my mobile today after sending it second time to HTC to fix the damage they did when I sent it first time to fix a software issue; and I am facing the same problem. Does anyone know why is it happening?
  4. rananthan3

    rananthan3 Lurker

    i have an htc aria with the same problem. factory reset doesn't help either.
  5. djkling15

    djkling15 Lurker

    I was having the same problem on my htc Incredible. I went onto my desktop computer and into my gmail account. I deleted all my old email dated July 29th or earlier (luckily my account is fairly new and I have no important emails to save) and it started working again. No "The process com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly" prompts or force closing since. Troubleshooting tip: check what date isn't loading (mine always came up with the prompt after loading Aug 6th - July 30th emails) and start deleting from there. Hope that works for you guys too.
  6. rananthan3

    rananthan3 Lurker

    i just placed mine in a folder and the error went away; didnt delete them
  7. djkling15

    djkling15 Lurker

    I thought about that after I posted my reply, but I hadn't tried it myself. Glad to see that works as well.
  8. djkling15

    djkling15 Lurker

    You still get the error message when you open up that folder using the mobile gmail app?
  9. rananthan3

    rananthan3 Lurker

    Not all the folders worked, unfortunately. I did not check all of them.
  10. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Newbie

    I have had the same thing since this morning on my HTC Desire. Go to All Mail label and I get a Force Close (the same as the OP). I too did a factory reset but no joy. I went to my desktop and deleted a few emails and left my phone on the force close screen for a while. Now I can scroll further down the All Mail screen on my phone before getting the Force Close.

    I wonder if Google have changed something (as we have a few different phone models presumably with different Android builds on and factory resets going on).

    Looks like we aren't the only ones with this issue:

    force close in gmail - Google Mobile Help

    Add your weight to this posting as Google people do watch the Google Support forums.
  11. AWonderWoman

    AWonderWoman Lurker

    Hey Guys,

    I had the "com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedlly please try again" error as well and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. I cleared the data, cache, everything, and nothing worked. I'm using an EVO.

    This is my solution: Just use the phone's native mail application and set up your gmail account under the pop3/imap option.

    Works great, the force close problem is solved, and the interface is far superior to the gmail application one. Hope this helps.
  12. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Newbie

    Sorry AWonderWoman but I like the Google Mail app. It is REAL push email not a checking service every minute. It also has many more features that the HTC Mail app doesn't on my HTC Desire. I hope Google will see the many people in the Google Support forums who have the same problem.

    It must be a Google issue. The variety of handsets, versions of Android etc... we can't all have a problem on our phones at the exact same time with the exact same symptoms!!
  13. jsti07

    jsti07 Newbie

    Also experiencing this problem with my incredible. Tried many different things to try to fix it, and so far no luck.
  14. matttaylor

    matttaylor Lurker

    Like rananthan3 I moved a small block of emails to another folder and that solved the problem. I've moved them back to my inbox now however they aren't showing. Perhaps I need to clear cache/data. No biggy.
  15. shanen

    shanen Newbie

    Just another report for an HTC Aria with this problem. I'm almost sure the root cause involves Google Contacts, though at this point it seems to be affecting any Google application, with a crash report about every minute or two.

    Is anyone else running a language besides English? I'm suspicious it might involve the Japanese support. The Contacts need to maintain a second set of names for the pronunciation information. :(
  16. Opalfire1013

    Opalfire1013 Lurker

    I receive this error all the time on my Incredible. I have yet to have anything force close, and I do not have to be in the gmail app in order for it to pop up. I have deleted all unused apps, gone through my gmail to clean old conversations, etc. and it still comes up. I looked in the processes for the phone and I have yet to see it as a running process, yet it still manages to repeatedly force close.
  17. Betty B

    Betty B Lurker

    I just started having the same problem. It happens when I send emails, play words with friends, send text messages, take photos.
    I never had this problem until the past day or two. Just downloaded some additional Google Apps including Google +

    Any recommendations?

    HTC Droid Incredible
    Verizon is the provider
  18. myjackson

    myjackson Newbie

    I am having this issue with my incredible now. Did you find a fix?
  19. tscaglione

    tscaglione Lurker

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also getting the com.process.google.gapps error over and over again. After reading this forum I have also gone to the computer and Gmail and deleted everything to see if this prevents it from happening. I will post and let you know if it does.
  20. tscaglione

    tscaglione Lurker

    It did not work... looks like I will need to do a factroy hard reset. Not looking forward to reseting up the tablet. If any one else has a suggestion let me know... TomS8200@gmail.com
  21. SinKeyWest

    SinKeyWest Lurker

    I've had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WIFI) and I believe I've solved the problem (fingers crossed) without a factory reset.

    Here's how:

    1. Go to BROWSER - SETTINGS - ADVANCED. Select 'Reset to Default'
    2. Next go the TABLET SETTINGS - ACCOUNTS AND SYNC. Delete the GMAIL account entirely. As far as I know this will erase all the GOOGLE settings on your tablet
    4. Enter your GOOGLE ACCOUNT details and proceed as instructed.
    5. Go back to TABLET SETTINGS - ACCOUNTS AND SYNC. Your GOOGLE ACCOUNT should be added again. You can select 'AUTO-SYNC'
    6. tab on your GOOGLE ACCOUNT. You can now select what GOOGLE functions you want to sync. I've deselected PICASA as it slows down GALLERY (I have a lot of pictures online)

    These steps worked well for me and my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now fully synchronized with my GOOGLE ACCOUNT without error messages
    dinfo likes this.
  22. myjackson

    myjackson Newbie

    I have since got a new phone since this issue was too annoying along with other issues. But I tried just about every fix listed here and other places. I could temporarily fix it by clearing data and cache for many apps, but it always came back. I found somewhere that it was a problem with how the phone read the memory, and therefore there was not a fix. This seemed to be the most plausible reason, unfortunately.
  23. nodnarbz

    nodnarbz Lurker

    I went to settings/accounts/google and disabled the calender sync and there is no problems, when i enable it again the go back I start getting the error message. Haven't solved how to enable the calender sync and not get the error message just though that I might suggest what is causing the issue.
  24. dmso12

    dmso12 Lurker

    Hi - i fixed this on my rooted galaxy tab 10.1 by removing my gmail widget from my desktop. Please let me know if it works for you too.

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