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com.htc.android.mail crash

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by David R Remont, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. David R Remont

    Thread Starter

    Report Type Crash
    Package Name com.htc.android.mail
    Package version 864021554
    Package version name 9.10.574735
    Installed by com.htc.feedback
    Process name com.htc.android.mail
    Device htc_hmiawhl
    Build ID LMY470 release-keys
    Build type user
    Model OPJA2
    Product hmiawhl_sprint_wwe
    SDK version 22
    Release 5.1
    Incremental Version 591203.19
    Band htc
    Exception Class name java.lang.NullPointerException

    If the info you need is not on this list, it probably doesn't exist

    HTC one Android Phone...Sprint

    Gmail works OK
    Mail is Outlook #######.hotmail.com

    Deleted account. Cache was cleared.
    Reentered account and pass word.
    I can read my email.
    IF I TOUCH the Text field I get:

    Mail has stopped unexpectedly.
    Would you like to send an error
    report to HTC? This will hep us
    improve our products.

    Very, very unhappy that I can not write an email....ANY IDEAS?
    OR should I get an iPhone?

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  2. rzandroid

    rzandroid Lurker

    Hi David,

    I had exactly the same problem with HTC mail app on the HTC one M8S, since a few days.
    In the google playstore I looked at the recent updates. One of them was Android system web view.
    Since in the error report, in the stacktrace the name "EditableWebViewInputConnection", I decided
    to remove the update.

    Now the HTC mail app is running normally!
    Hope this helps you too.

  3. spiresvideo

    spiresvideo Lurker

    This worked for me! Thank you.

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