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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by savoxis, May 18, 2011.

  1. savoxis

    savoxis Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So, I noticed a new messaging app Verizon put out, it is ugly, very "VCast" colored, BUT it is theme-able, no PRO images. AND it doesn't require Mms.apk as a dependency. So unlike most 3rd party messengers it can actually replace stock.

    Let me know what you guys think about it

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  2. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Android Enthusiast

    Is it in the verizon market?
  3. savoxis

    savoxis Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, its in the "verizon" section
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  4. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Android Enthusiast

    I'll play with it for a day two, and see if it as good as stock or better. The colors are atrocious, it definitely needs to be themed.

    Do you just have to pull apart the apk and change all of the images?

    I wouldn't mind trying my hand at it, at least to make a theme to match my phone, but a "dark" version at least would make it better.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, by the way.
  5. 220com2

    220com2 Newbie

    I would definetly use it if it was themed darker, way to bright and colorfull for me. But everything seems to work well otherwise.
  6. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Android Enthusiast

    Oh cool, I never would have noticed it on my own. Just downloaded it. Seems pretty cool but I can echo the comments about the terrible flashy colors. I trust it won't be long before someone digs in and themes it. I wouldn't mind trying it myself if I knew exactly how.
  7. Valkerie

    Valkerie Android Enthusiast

    It is refreshing after using the stock app for so long, but I do not like the colors.
  8. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    Just downloaded, and extracted. Theming begins in 3...2...1...
  9. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Android Enthusiast

    It seems pretty responsive. I like it's settings. It definitely needs a theme or two. If i can figure out how, I want to try to match it to the Velocicomb theme i made.
  10. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    Did you say velocicomb (honeycomb) themed? What a coincidence... ;)
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  11. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Android Enthusiast

    So IF you are working on Comb themed version..... I was thinking about trying a Red on black. But! I don't really know how to get to what i need to get at, if you know what I mean. I have Gimp and am pretty familiar with using it. I have 7-zip. Just don't really know what I have to pull out to make this messager more prettier.
  12. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    I can send you the images... pretty simple... a lot of .9.pngs though.
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  13. jeckel

    jeckel Member

    Nice attempt verizon. But not good enough
  14. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone themed this yet? I'd do it myself but I am clueless as to how to do so (hint hint).

    So if I use this, can I delete the stock sms and still get sms and mms, even with other sms apps? Does it have any issues when you do that?
  15. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    i was theming it, but not enough people seem to be sticking with it to continue...and from what i know..only this app can work without stock, b/c of it being straight from Verizon.
  16. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    Ah, too bad. I'll stick it out as it is, maybe it will get themed, if it doesn't, it isn't that bad. I'm only using it because GO keeps deleting my sms.
  17. Vol4One

    Vol4One Member

    I just installed it and I kinda like it. Better than the default app. I have been using Handcent SMS but, like the other person said, I've had about two or three messages get deleted before I could read them or see who they were from.
  18. corypwrs

    corypwrs Lurker

    I had this same problem with handcent even before rooting. Use the handcent popup and this will almost never happen. As long as you are not in the handcent app it will popup (occasionally it doesnt, usually when using the data connection i.e. facebook app or browser). I also have the widget with counter, or dock icon with counter for LP users, to make sure I dont miss a text if the popup doesnt appear. Doing this i have almost eliminated the "deleting texts" issue.
  19. Valkerie

    Valkerie Android Enthusiast

    I've been using this app since this thread started. was hoping for a themed version, I'd not I'm ok with that.
  20. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    I am attempting a theme. Right now I'm trying to locate the apk lol.
    If someone would kindly point me to the apk location (if it is in /system/app then please tell me what the app name is) and provide a guide to making a flashable theme, that would be very helpful.
  21. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    Ok, I found it finally and have been messing around with the images. How do I make this into a flashable package? I tried googleing it and got nothing.
  22. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    I would bother with a flashable zip unless you want it as a system app. You can edit the apk and and zip it and sign it and install it as a user app like normal. Also the word bubbles are .9.png, so if you dont edit them right. It will get distorted.
  23. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast

    if you send me the zip of what you have, i can convert it for you.
  24. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    Right now i have nothing i want to submit. I'm just messing around, getting some experience. I need a good program to recolor. Do any of you have any suggestions? Free programs, of course.
  25. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    Gimp for editing, look up how to edit .9 pngs xda probably has info for you.

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