[Com2uS] Real-time match up game, it's Puzzle Family VS!


Rejoice! A real-time puzzle match-up game, Puzzle Family VS has arrived on the Google Play!

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1) Real-time Online Matches
Battle against worldwide puzzle manias!
Attack and defend with blocks and items, show the world what you can do!

2) Single Play
Get rid of bad items, get higher scores!
Accomplish various missions; Your skills UP, scores UP, and fun UP!
Exciting fever modes gets you twice your points!
Play alone, and play with friends, play with worldwide puzzle manias to see who's got the higher score.
Dare to challenge the puzzler masters?

3) Crazy Characters, Quirky Costumes
Akoo and his wacky family members!
Special skills in sensational costumes, wear your favorite match!
Gently touch your character, and see their unique reactions~

4) More Updates Coming Up!
New puzzles and costumes!