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Come here if need help with Bootloop!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AustinWise, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. AustinWise

    AustinWise Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The LG connects Download mode literally saved my Bricked phone! I was in a very sticky situation. I installed the wrong Clockwork mod for the phone and got stuck in a boot loop. I didn't panic at first because I've been in a bootloop before with my huawei ascend, but easily fixed that by flashing into recovery. The problem with my new situation, i couldn't get into recovery! So i had a BIG problem. I read around and found out the lg connect has a download mode. I used this to fix the bootloop and reinstall the firmware to my phone.

    These are the steps I took to "unBrick" my phone.

    1. I can't post any links. So google for Lg mobile support and click on the first one. Then click where it says download in the middle of the page.

    2. Make sure your phone is plugged into your pc via USB cable and that drivers are installed

    3. Then take the battery out, hold down the power button + volume down + volume up. Then a screen will pop-up saying "download is in progress. do not disconnect cable" or something along those lines.

    4. Once the download mode has started which will be the screen from step 3, start the lg support tool executable file and wait for it to update and such.

    5.Once the program recognizes your phone (it will recognize it if it is in download mode) Then you can click start updating.

    6. From there just let everything happen. It took the program about 12 minutes to download, install, and update my phone. So give it some time.

    So happy this worked for me and hope it can help anyone else with similar problems!

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  2. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

  3. Schwerdroid

    Schwerdroid Lurker

    Thanks a bunch for posting this AustinWise! This was just what I needed while watching my Connect's splash screen loop over and over again (even your title told me this was just what I needed while I scanned for answers to my problem!). Luckily I had the LGMobile tool already installed, so I just followed your directions, and was back up in 18 minutes.

    Question is, what is the right version of CWM?

    This is my first android and first attempt at rooting, etc. I used spectrum_root_windows to root it, and downloaded ROM Manager -- before anything else I wanted to create a nandroid and if I understood correctly ROM Manager will help me to do that.

    Anyway I went into ROM Manager and clicked "Flash CWM". Since the Connect wasn't listed on the list of phones, I decided what the heck and clicked Esteem. All seemed to go well.

    I then powered off and restarted while holding down both volume buttons + power.

    That's when I hit the loop.

    So, just wondering if you or anyone else reading this has thoughts on where this went wrong. My guess is that I picked the wrong version of CWM. But I've yet to find (I've tried) any specific information on how/where to get the correct version for the Connect -- if there is one.:thinking:

    Does anyone know what the correct version is and where to get it or know that there is not yet one available?

    I'm not new to tech or minor league hacking of my stuff, but I am new to rooting and any help is appreciated.

    And thanks again for these clear and succinct butt-saving steps.
  4. Shahee

    Shahee Lurker

    I am stuck. I selected my model number (LGP500h) it then gives me a screen telling me it’s downloading the driver, and the progress looks like it makes it to 100%, but then nothing. It just hangs there…
  5. SecretFlamez

    SecretFlamez Member

    The Connect isn't officially supported! The esteem has many differences , If you try the Esteem's , you will just brick your phone ...
  6. anthonique

    anthonique Lurker

    It is obvious that I bricked my brand new Huawei Ascend Y210. My phone doesn't go further than the logo screen and when I try to flash firmware on it all it does is fail at 2/2. Can you please Help me, I have been searching for a successful answer for 3 days straight and no sleep. :(
  7. For starters, you're totally in the wrong forum. If you need help with unbricking your device, you will need to:

    A. Go to proper forum ---> Ascend Y - All Things Root - Android Forums

    B. Explain HOW your phone was bricked (bad app, flashing, rooting, etc)

    C. What you have already done to try fixing it

    All of this will help others try to get your phone going. In some cases you can fix your phone with a simple hard reset. All phones are different, so you may want to look up your exact hard reset button combo online. This method will work on some Huawei devices, maybe yours too:

    Remove the battery, reinsert after a few seconds (make sure the power is off)

    Press and hold both (PWR) and Vol+ buttons for 15 seconds. When a recovery menu comes up, use vol +/- keys to highlight wipe data/factory reset, and press power button to select. You will lose all of your apps and data doing this, but it may be all you need to boot it up again!

    Hope that helps ~~ Spec
  8. please help me unbrick my huawei ascend 2... i rooted it and tryed to flash new boot animation and all my apps
    forced closed...i took the battery out and put it back in and it has been boot looping ever since... please help:(

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