Oct 8, 2010
is there anything else out there as far as a pandora type radio ,man just tired of listening to the same songs everyday with millions of songs out there they tend to repeat the same songs over and over ,plus i listen to heavy metal radio and they sure play metallica like every 3rd song ,and sorry ac dc is not metal music just getting a little disappointed at pandora:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
you do know that the thumbs up/down will help with the type and rotation of the music right.... I use pandora all the time and never have it repeat the same song.
Yeah, I don't think you "get" pandora. The service has been around for years and arose from the old Music Genome Project that was created in order to classify every song based on 400 different "genes" or attributes. Pandora lets you create your own streaming stations based upon a song or artist and it then builds dynamic streams of songs similar in makeup to your song or artists "genome". As you thumbs up and thumbs down songs it builds a better picture of what you're wanting to listen to. So if you start thumbs-downing AC/DC songs, you won't hear AC/DC songs anymore. If you thumbs up every Metallica song it'll play more Metallica (so be careful with what you thumbs-up, remember it's not just "I like this song" but more like "play songs just like this one"). I've got 8-9 pretty well defined stations at this point that I can listen to for hours without a thumbs-down.

If you want something that gives you more freedom to listen to exactly what you want when you want it, try GrooveShark. If you want something you can click and forget more like a radio station keep with Pandora.
I use both Slacker and Pandora, depending on my mood. Slacker has preprogramed stations, but allows for you to Ban Songs and Ban Artists based on your preferences. It is highly recommended.