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Comic reader

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DoAndroidDream?, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. DoAndroidDream?

    DoAndroidDream? Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What is a good comic reader that functions well on the NC?

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  2. DillonBladez

    DillonBladez Newbie

    Not sure if it works well on the NC, but Mango is a pretty good manga reader and browser that I use on my phone.

    Give it a try?
  3. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    Definitely check out Perfect Viewer. It was the quickest loading I found for. Large cbr files.
  4. DoAndroidDream?

    DoAndroidDream? Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I have been using Perfect Viewer. Using it to read comics has been the only time that I actually wished the screen was bigger.
  5. DillonBladez

    DillonBladez Newbie

    A 7 inch screen isn't large enough for comics?
  6. Sue7M3

    Sue7M3 Well-Known Member

    All of mine are in PDF form so Adobe Reader works beautifully.
  7. DoAndroidDream?

    DoAndroidDream? Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just wish it was a 1 to 1 ratio with the original size of the comic.
  8. direz

    direz Newbie

  9. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    I tried ComicRack and am very impressed. It handles zooming in on multi-column multi-page comics very nicely. I've replaced Perfect Viewer with it.
  10. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Android Enthusiast

    Where do you get comics?
  11. t3rror

    t3rror Lurker

  12. RookTheKlown

    RookTheKlown Well-Known Member

    I agree with ComicRack. I was using ACV (Android Comic Viewer) before, but it would constantly lock up on me after a few issues, sometimes after a few pages. ComicRack hasn't given me any of those problems. The fact that you can alter the settings in regard to how to flip pages, go to next book, etc.

    The only drawback is that the paid one is so expensive, and the free one has ads. The ads aren't that invasive though, and I imagine that the paid version is worth it (also lets you sync comics with your PC).
  13. ew2x4

    ew2x4 Lurker

    I have to agree with ComicRack. I went ahead and got the paid version. It's expensive, but I wanted to support what is by far the best comic reader.

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