Root Coming over to EVO, but need modding advise


Well, it looks like I might be coming over to android, in light of the fact that they will never release decent webos phone in my lifetime.

I tried the EVO for a couple of weeks before, but decided not to stick with it, given some usability issues.

My feeling is that these issues can be fixed with a bunch of tinkering and I feel like I might be ready to do that.

There are several things I would want to do to the phone and I would like advise on what things to download.

I would like to simplify things. So please make recommendations on apps.

1. simplify the interface. Give me some persistent buttons on the bottom

2. An application, which offers unified IM / text.

3. A decent email app.

4. Is there a way to get a persistent keyboard on the launcher screen? It is important to me to be able to start typing and drill right to my contacts.

5. Is there anything to the modified ROMs? Do they increase battery life and strip away junk?

6. I like the looks of "Itching Thumb Task Manager". Does anyone have it working well on the EVO?

I don't want to load down the performance of the EVO, so I am open to "lighter" solutions, even if they involve a bunch more tinkering.




Android Expert
after rooting wireless tether app lets you tether laptop or other devices. i also use titanium backup to remove and backup aps. handcent is a good sms app.

as far as roms, theres so many depending on what you would want out of it. a good solid rom to start with is FRESH by flipzmod3, mikfroyo by aamikam is good theses are sense, then you got aosp roms which are trimmed down cyanogen mod has a stable release 6.1.2 with 4g working for most not all depends on your evos hardware sounds like you will have 004 hw it doesnt. then theres the more experimental but very light gingerbread roms which are stable enough for some as daily drivers.

read up as much as possible and try em all out
02.11.11 ROM Database (144) updated - PPCGeeks

- good luck, hope this helps!