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Coming Soon - Family Finder

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tjo51285, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Aug 3, 2010

    Aug 3, 2010
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    MTR Productions is coming out with a new app to add to the Phinder Suite. It's going to be called Phamily Phinder and it's a tool for parents to keep track of their kids. The ubiquity of cell phones is what makes this app a great idea for parents.

    Unlike one of our other apps, Phriend Phinder, which requires both parties to actively choose to locate each other (to avoid any potentially creepy encounters with people whom you don't necessarily want to know where you are), Phamily Phinder will offer the ability to always see where another member of their family is in a more open ended fashion. The price is still being determined, but we're fairly certain we can make this happen less expensively than other family location tools out there.

    ::Features Quick List::
    - Set up your Phamily on our server, based on phone number
    - GPS location of family members
    - Audible Alert another member's phone on silent
    - Easy bulk messaging to all family members
    - Easy identification of who is "online" and who is "offline" in terms of whether or not another family member's application is engaged

    As in the above list, the app is going to run through our server, and each family will have its own unique space to set up their family, add and remove numbers, etc. It also cuts down on the SMS clutter that a lot of these types of apps tend to create, which means a smoother running app, and a smoother running phone.

    We're thinking this app is going to be sold for $TBD per person in the family, rather than making an attempt at the "parent" purchasing the app, and the "kids" downloading for free. This way, a 3 person family isn't paying as much as a 5 person family, when everybody receives the same benefits.

    Let me know any thoughts or potential issues you see!





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