Root Commando Alternate Red Theme

This is an alternate red theme based on Willster419's.
it uses the same script that Willster419's does.

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If you see anything that looks discolored or out of place please let me know, I think I have this nicely put together now.





Thank you to WIllster419 and MonkeyTools for their Roms and themes, this one is based on theirs


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I am not longer using this phone, I would not advise flashing this on m140,
I might redo it for M140, I still have the phone as a backup/swappable phone for when I go places, as Verizon lets you switch phones whenever you please.

Check back in a few days, I am traveling right now and do not have access to the m140 framework but when I'm back home I'll look at redoing this for m140.

I'll give me a good brush up, (I'm also starting to try to learn how to work with Xposed frameworks, I think I read there's a shoot off one with 2.3 support)