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Commuter App

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by justthisguy, May 24, 2011.

  1. justthisguy

    justthisguy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This app would help you figure out how long your commute is, where the slow points are, let you test different routs and compare several days of data since traffic is different each day. Identify slow points to help you figure out where you would want to change your route.

    I haven't seen anything like this in the market.

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  2. J Droid

    J Droid Lurker

    I just got a Motorola Atrix with the car dock and I would love exactly this. I envision that it could identify interchangeable segments and give you the best estimate based on day, time, and maybe weather. For instance, I have a few places where I can get on the highway or stay on local, and now I just have to eyeball it. And not only does traffic change over time, the traffic lights also change patterns and certain turns are allowed from 7pm to 7am.

    So far, I've installed these apps:
    • DailyRoads Voyager - This is primarily a video and picture black box, but it can take frequent pictures and geotag them. It would be nice to have this running if someone ever crashes into you from the front.
    • Dashboard Assist - This is more about augmented reality, or just basic data from the phone's sensors. It can email you a trip summary, but the data is pretty basic.
    • Google My Tracks - This one is meant more for human powered movement styles, but works fine in the car. It will track your route, call out each mile traveled with average speed, and can upload the route to a Google spreadsheet with this data:
      • Total Distance
      • Total Time
      • Moving Time
      • Number of Tracks
      • Average Speed
      • Average Moving Speed
      • Elevation Gain
      • Min Elevation
      • Max Elevation
    • Speedview - I haven't tried this one, but it looks like it can export GPX files, which you could then crunch separately
    • Maverick - Same deal; haven't tried, does GPX.

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