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compatibility of games for psx4droid

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ROBIN50N, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ok so thought a thread just for games that work/dont work or ones with issues would be good.

    ive tried
    wipeout-works but sound problems
    worlds scariest police chases-only works for a minute then freezes.

    using nexus one stock 2.2


  2. thepspgamer

    thepspgamer Newbie

    ok, here is what i have tested

    Point Blank 2: Works Fine, Slow in Games, Playable

    Klonoa Door to Phantomile: Works, Slow ingame, Playable

    Policenauts: Wouldnt Load

    Speed Freaks: Loads and run at full speed upto trying to load menu to when it does nothing,
    but keeps playing the music


    SoulBlade: Runs, but game screen seems compressed and runs slowly, sounds also very distorted

    The Neverhood (JAP): Ran perfectly smooth...in game vids go out of sync occasionally, but otherwise, perfect :)

    Tekken 3: Runs Painfully slow...no way near playable

    il post back with more as i try them :)

    (Running on a rooted desire)
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  3. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    good point i missed putting the phone being used part.
  4. Rota

    Rota Android Enthusiast

    Rooted Droid running Froyo at 1.0GHz

    FF VII - Works great, no issues that I've seen yet.
    FF VIII - Works well, but world map is extremely laggy and slow. Playable if you're patient.
    FF IX - Runs fine, but sound glitches in some areas.
    Dino Crisis - Works fine, voices are distorted, minor slowdowns in some areas
    Mission Impossible - Does not work. Black screen after intro.

    Little tip for the "Resident Evil" style games, set R to the camera button on the Droid. It then becomes a lot easier to aim and shoot. The game gripper helps immensely as well.


    I'm REALLY hoping that hardware acceleration will show up soon, but I'm pretty happy playing FF VII on my phone. By the way, anyone figure out how changing discs works in the Final Fantasy games?
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    People should also state what device they are using:


    - Raiden II and also Raiden DX plays smooth with sound :)

    - Gunners Heaven same as above

    - Dead or Alive plays slow with sound and "tolerable" without

    - Crash Racing same as Dead or Alive, but some car models only show the wheels

    - Hot Shots Golf plays smooth with sound :)

    I also have a PSX emu on my N900 and games play better on it, due to more graphic tweak options and the keyboard. My N900 uses same chipset as Droid and overclocked to 800mhz.

    BTW, a LOT more games will play smooth if or when hardware acceleration is added. N900 is not accelerated either.
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  6. thepspgamer

    thepspgamer Newbie

    Well, this is a first release, so i bet we can expect nothing but speedups and improvements along the way :)
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Indeed :)
  8. broads desire

    broads desire Well-Known Member

    resident evil - works perfect but is bit awkward with controls (aiming down and firing for example) multitouch limitiations

    crashbandicoot - working seemingly ok, smoother without sound enabled..

    htc desire not rooted
  9. gordon1hd1

    gordon1hd1 Well-Known Member

    HTC Evo stock:

    FF VII - runs fine, minor graphical glitches here and there, does not affect game play
    Civilization II - Runs fine, no issue found so far
    Twisted Metal 2 - Loads fine, but requires L2 and R2 to play, so can't test out game playing
    X-Com UFO: Runs very slow, will freeze on many game menus like "funding"
    Gran Turisumo 2 - Runs at 50% to 70% speed, but playable.
    Red Alert - Retaliation - Runs fine, movie sound is screw up if frame rate is set to 30

    I am hoping we will get hardware acceleration soon, It will improve game speed, and reduce battery usage. Currently the emulator is killing my battery. can't even make 3.5 hours game play from 100% to dead.
  10. mazdapunk87

    mazdapunk87 Lurker

    I'm using a mytouch slide 3g

    I have tried final fantasy tactics -playable,some slowdowns with game and music at times
    Command and conquer gdi disk - mostly playable,slows down from time to time/sound is choppy
  11. mazdapunk87

    mazdapunk87 Lurker

    I'm using a mytouch slide 3g

    I have tried final fantasy tactics -playable,some slowdowns with game and music at times
    Command and conquer gdi disk - mostly playable,slows down from time to time/sound is choppy
  12. broads desire

    broads desire Well-Known Member

    just tried tomba .. best platform game ever... failed graphical glitches galore and runs so slow even with sound disabled :(
  13. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    FFVIII works great until you get to the world map, then it's like .5 fps. :mad:
  14. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Android Expert

    Anyone tried Metal Gear Solid??
  15. jmoh

    jmoh Newbie


    FF7: Works really nicely, had it saved as .bin, .iso, and .img. For some reason, only .img worked. This alone makes it worth the 6 bucks.

    NFL BLITZ 2000: Loads then freezes at start screen

    NFL BLITZ 2001: Plays at around 70% speed with minor sound distortion at 30fps

    ACE COMBAT 3: ELECTROSPHERE: Works until you select new game, then screen goes blank. If you keep hitting buttons eventually the mission will load, but as soon as the game starts your plane freaks out and self-destructs every time within 3 seconds.

    I'll be trying some more games, but at this point I don't think that my unrooted evo can handle this, and the app needs a bit of polishing up to do. I'll probably return and wait a bit to see if improvements are made.

    EDIT: I decided to end up keeping the app since I got FF7 to work really nicely.
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  16. acidarmitage

    acidarmitage Well-Known Member

    On the Incredible... works until you select new game, then blank screen. anyone else?
  17. Dan Fury

    Dan Fury Well-Known Member

    Final Fantasy IX freezes at startup, black screen.
    Discworld Noir boots, but hangs on the loading screen.
    Megaman X5 runs, but the sound is choppy.

    Tested on Nexus One.
  18. Naz927

    Naz927 Newbie

    Stock EVO

    FFVII - Like others have said runs great, a few audio/video issues here and there but VERY minor

    Parasite Eve - Smooth as silk, but a few audio hiccups

    Resident Evil 2 - Couple audio issues, runs smooth though

    Crono Cross - Runs slowly at times, still very playable, the menus are kind of hard to see though

    Final Fantasy IX - Runs very good, BUT no music in the opening FMV (don't know if all FMV's are like this yet, haven't gotten to another one yet, will update), no graphical glitches at all, seems to rum better than FF7, BUT during fight sequences, the command bar and the hp/mp bars flicker, by no way a deal breaker but it is an annoyance.

    EDIT: All EVO users set the screen refresh rate to 30!
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  19. CheeseJam

    CheeseJam Well-Known Member

    Stock Incredible (Great, Good, OK, Bad, Unplayable):

    FF7: Works good, sound is best I have heard too.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4: Good framerate, but the textures are really mess up. The sound is pretty good.

    Twisted Metal 4: The screen only fills up half of my phone and you need R2 to play. Don't get this!

    Madden 99-2003 (NCAA too): Does not get past the EA Sports intro.

    Madden 98 (NCAA too): Does not load games after the menu.

    Blitz 2000: Player models don't load, shadows do though. Playable I guess.

    NFL Gameday 2002: Works great, sound is a little messed up, but it didn't bother me. Finally a football game that works!

    Metal Gear Solid: Won't start the beginning introduction movie.

    Crash Bandicoot: Good framerate, sound is OK.

    Spyro: Works very well, sound is actually pretty good too.

    Resident Evil 3: Everything works good, just make sure to mess with the controls so that it is playable.

    Gran Torismo 2: Single player (time trials) work well, but with multiple cars, the game lags too much. Sound is bad too.

    Tekken 3: Won't start.

    NFS 3 Hot Pursuit: Works great (unlike Gran Torismo 2), sound is alright. Tilt controls work pretty well too if you want to use them.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3: Wont' start.

    Crash Team Racing: Only sound plays for me.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    : Same as 4--good sound, but textures are all funny. Very playable though.

    Medal of Honor Underground: Probably the best one yet. Everything works great, however, the game itself is just "OK".

    Grand Theft Auto 2
    : Similar to Blitz--the cars don't load, but it is playable I guess.

    Digimon World 3: Works well, sound is funky at times.

    Madden 2005: Won't get past the EA intro.

    Grand Theft Auto
    : Works really well. Sometimes the music doesn't work, but other than that, it is great!

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1: Same as 2 and 4.
  20. ninj@d3@th

    ninj@d3@th Lurker

    samsung captivate rooted
    Final Fantasy tactics runs fine.
    jackie chan stunt master gets stuck on title screen
  21. ninj@d3@th

    ninj@d3@th Lurker

    we need to setup a wiki page for games that work. that way we can make a list.
  22. CheeseJam

    CheeseJam Well-Known Member

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Works really well, sound is a little iffy, but it is still great!
  23. MrTankJump

    MrTankJump Newbie

    I've done the heavy lifting for a compatibility wiki, posting this for everyone's benefit. It's quite the blank slate right now, but with the number of people that will be using this app, we need a robust community to deliver feedback on what works on what.
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  24. acidarmitage

    acidarmitage Well-Known Member

    Bushido Blade 2 is glitched and plays at Half-Screen
    Vagrant Story works great except for loud crackles in the sound

    Tenchu 2 works well except you cant use R2 L2 to switch items
  25. JP2422

    JP2422 Newbie

    Droid x. NFS 3 Hot Pursuit works but the carrer mode does not. Driver works, good luck getting thru the training though. lol

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