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compatibility of games for psx4droid

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ROBIN50N, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. jirka.h23

    jirka.h23 Member

    if you upgrade to 2.2 froyo, then multi-touch should work

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  2. cpi1992

    cpi1992 Lurker

    hi greg im currently using same exact phone and apps, and still cannot get ff7 to work the farthest i get is to the starting screen and after i press new game it stops? any ideas?
    thx again
  3. yagame

    yagame Lurker

    Anyone using psxdroid on X10? i'm really having problems with the dpad
  4. Trev186

    Trev186 Well-Known Member

    Save states are emulator specific so they will not work, however your memory cards inside of the .psx4droid directory on your phone are not. You can load from a memory card save for that issue and then save it and xfer the memory card back and load on your phone

    I beat FF8 and did not run into that issue on my phone so you can try a few other things as well

    Check out

    AndroidEmus - AndroidEmus I have a thread there which lists how to make CDDA glitches and freezes work better. I am not for sure but this glitch may be attributable to that and if so this may help you.

    Also you can email me your save state and I can see if I can get past that part on my game.

    It could also just mean you need to turn your cycle multipler down to 2, but the cycle multiplier is saved into your save state so you would need to load from memory card.
  5. Trev186

    Trev186 Well-Known Member

    Final Doom This game now boots if you do what i recommend in the CDDA setup guide. The game runs full speed on default settings with CDDA enabled. The only issue is some graphical bugs (see through some walls) Besides that the game seems very playable. Hopefully with future releases and tweaks to CDDA related settings this game will improve

    For the CDDA guide see androidemus.com
  6. Evo4sickness

    Evo4sickness Android Enthusiast

    Ok maybe people on here can help me out

    I have been going crazy trying to download the PSX games I want and make them work.
    I have PSX4droid and I have the sch1001.bin already and Have downloaded different desctruction derbys which I have converted into bin files and still are not working. This is really pissing me off since this is one of the games I wanted very bad to work.

    When I downloaded them they came in .7z format. I used pakIso to turn them into Bin files and was finally happy when I saw this. Then I loaded the Folder into my PSX file and nothing it didnt even show up which makes no sense.

    Does anyone know of a good .7z converter I can get that will convert these files into bin files.
    And does anyone know why Destruction derby isnt working or any of these roms not working if its in the proper bin file. It just starts and nothing happens.
  7. No_u

    No_u Android Enthusiast

    .7z is a compressing method. You can just unzip the archive using 7Zip, then you can read the file right away.
    Think of it as vowing clothes, then putting them in a tight box so it takes up less space in your car. Except after it, you have to open the box and get it out.

    On a side note, you should get FPse as a PS1 emulator. It's MUCH faster then PSX4Droid, and way better supported.
  8. Evo4sickness

    Evo4sickness Android Enthusiast

    Ok thanks thats a better description but I have been using 7zip and it hasnt been working. When I try to convert any of these file they will have a folder with the .bin files and when I transfer them into my phone they stay as unzippee files with the folder inside. Iam going to definitley down load that Psx emulator just didnt think there was another one. Also does that one also need the Ispc1001.bin file for it to work.

    I just installed it and it says its only used for games that you have and create ISO files from them. Not for roms. Is there way to use roms.
  9. Therev29

    Therev29 Member

    you have to unzip the .7zip file with 7zip or winzip etc.. first, then take the game file inside and see what format it is. If .bin you should be good to go and transfer to your phone and play. if you see .ecm in the file name then get a unecm converter. There are detailed instructions in the help section of PSX4droid for the unecm part
  10. Evo4sickness

    Evo4sickness Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I have done all of that abd on the Fspe the Iso didnt work at which is strange since its the firsy format they have on there. So I tried it with .bin and it worked until it loads the gaming part and wont get past that screeb. So I than tried putting that same file in the psx4droid and it actually worked problem is the choosing menu stays with a messed up discolored picture where you see what you are choosing whichs no sense its very frustrating.
  11. Arkhaine

    Arkhaine Lurker

    I have an HTC Evo Shift and it doesn't seem to be included on the compatability list. So I will say that

    Final Fantasy VII : Works, but runs at lik 75-80% during battles. And the music/sounds slow down during battle.

    Final Fantasy Tactics: Works so far.

    Metal Slug X: Never makes it past initial loading screen.

    Lunar Silver Star Story Complete: Works well, some graphic issues of spells not fully displaying. Slight popping during Spoken FMV sequences.

    Since no one else has mentioned their settings and I think those are quite important I will include them on my post.

    Psx4droid v2;
    -SPU IRQ's enabled
    -Divide Counters Enabled
    -Cycle Multiplier (set to 4 for FF7/FFT and 6 for Lunar)
    -Precise CDROM is disabled
    -Sound is Enabled
    -Scaling is set to scaled (tried other setting and none seemed to chanhge performance.)
    -Refresh rate is set to 30 (tried Automatic and 60 and no change)
  12. Zany-88

    Zany-88 Lurker

    idk y but this program does not work with me i d/l but once i click to browse for a file nothing comes up
  13. Therev29

    Therev29 Member

    When the select screen comes up there should be a pulldown menu to look for eit
    her .ISO or .img or .bin depending on your games format
  14. DCUltrapro

    DCUltrapro Member

    hey guys. I've only recently gotten into Android and have an HTC Desire HD and I'm using it to play roms etc, I've got loads of great working roms on Gearoid and Gensoid but on PSX4droid I'm having some problems with one particular rom. So far I've managed to get Driver, Abes Oddysee, Wipeout to work fine and even had Metal Gear Solid working allright apart from some graphical and control glitches.

    Unfortunately I can't get Rollcage to work. I downloaded the files from dope roms and managed to extract etc using a newer version of unpakiso which the incredibly helpful pushwall provided me with and the game will run, I see the developer logos, the intro movie, the rollcage screen and loading bar, then it says its checking memory cards and it crashes. This happens everytime.

    Does anyone else have this problem with Rollcage? I have re downloaded and unpaked etc 3 or 4 times and always the same result. Any suggestions?



    forgot to mention that I am in the UK, running android 2.2 (Still goddamn you ORANGE!!) and have upgraded to PSX4Droid version 3.0.6. thanks
  15. me_lobo

    me_lobo Lurker

    Seems the link is broken. Zodttd moved somewhere else?
    Btw. I am trying to run Syphon filter on my HTC Desire HD 2.3.3, psx4droid 3.0.6, doesnt seem to work. Can anyone confirm this?
  16. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Newbie

    could someone tell me if the incredible is good enough for play-station and 64 emulator's?

    i plan on getting cricket with mine so i believe it limit's my options? is this the best to get ? this will be my first phone in 5 year's

    theres to much to cover sorry i didnt search much.
  17. Gareee

    Gareee Android Enthusiast

    You are looking at buying a phone that is a year old tech. Yes, you can play some psx stuf, but there will be slowdown on many games.. plus psx4droid is the worst psx emulator for the phones now, and all emulators were pulled off the market a few weeks ago.

    If you plan on keping a smartphone for another 5 years, you would be better advised to buy something newer and faster, possibly with a larger screen. Looks for something with a dual core processor, and larger screen. You'll also want an extended battery, because large screens suck battery life like mad.
  18. Therev29

    Therev29 Member

    The incredible will play most psx games no problem. There may be a few with minor slow downs for the more "advanced" graphic games. N64 is ok for a few games, Mario and Mario kart, most other games lag a decent amount, hopefully there will be an update soon.

    As the above post stated, the newer phones will run much better. The cores doesn't really matter to much. There was a recent test which showed the new snapdragons 1.2 single cores being faster than the nvidia dual cores but both will work good for what you want. Also see if the phone has a dedicated gpu. Most of the tegra 2 duals from nvidia do (I think). That will be the biggest boost or difference you'll see.
  19. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Newbie

    so other then the droid 1-2 and the htc droid incredible and the sony xpeliea phone and the galaxy s / indugle. what are my options?

    researched it a bit and these phones seem to the best options?

    i wonder if the new htc trophey can be flashed to cricket. or even the xeplia i have not heard any of them on cricket yet?

    just trying to see what's the cheapest and best option. i'l end up playing mario kart golden eye and game boy games alot!

    so if someone cal list all the phones that i can use on cricket but good enough for what i want

    when the motorola q came out i had the extended battery and every emulator lol played it all day at work lol

    thanks for all the advice so far
  20. Gareee

    Gareee Android Enthusiast

    The droidx, the droid x2, the droid pro, the fascinate, the thunderbolt, the infuse, the bionic.

    There is no cheapest best option.. all the cheapest phones are a year old, and all the best phones are new and obviously expensive.

    We love our droidX phones, but I can see that having a front facing camera, a faster processor, and full video out hmdi mirroring would be great additions.

    (Imagine playing the emulator on your 50" flatscreen tv, using a wii controller, and your phone doing the emulation.)

    And honestly, even though I have most of the various emulators, I always end up going back to native android based games for entertainment on my phone.. that or web browsing, or youtube. I don't think I've even started up any emulator in the past 4 weeks now.
  21. Therev29

    Therev29 Member

    Well if you are going to mainly game the the xplay would be the way to go. You may want to check which emulators support the button mapping on the xplays controls. Golden eye lags unbearably on the incredible. if your up to rooting and a custom kernel the incredible can support 3+ points of touch. I.e. power sliding inMario Kart :)
  22. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Newbie

    thanks for the feed back. i don't think i'l game so much where i'm going to need the sony xpelia that is little to much. but when ever i'm on the bus or in place like the bar with friends who dance im the one who chills. so thats when i would emulate n use it to get ladies :D.

    so what would you guys suggest? i'm not really looking to spend over 250 on a phone.
    i can get a incredible for 225 flashed to cricket ready to go...

    but then i see on ebay i can just pick it up for 150 ish bucks and pay someone 45 to flash it. or i can probably do it my self since there's alot of support im sure i could get it.

    remember i want phone that will work on cricket...
  23. mina 13

    mina 13 Lurker

    has any one tried gran turismo 1?
  24. Wardensc2

    Wardensc2 Lurker

    Does anyone try to play FF VIII on Sony Xperia Arc. I try everything include download many diffirent versions of FPSE or compress iso file, using bin file but my Xperia Arc still doesn't run FF VIII. My phone currently uses FPSE 0.11.11, the newest version but I can' play FF VIII. Can someone help me ?
  25. bigcol

    bigcol Newbie

    Hi guys, just installed epsxe on my brand new Samsung Galaxy tab 4 and am, I'm trying out some psx rooms, I've tried a few bit one I can't get to run is Soviet Strike. It loads up and goes through the intro screens and video but then freezes when the mission briefing comes up before the game starts. Is it the emulator? I've tried two different rooms and us exactly the same. Is there a better emulator I can try?.. Any help with this will be very much appreciated, thanks in advance guys
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