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Compatible LCD and digitizer for SGH-l337m?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zazz, Mar 10, 2016.

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    Im in desperate need of a solution to my broken galaxy s4 screen... I have the Canadian SGH-l337m and need a replacement LCD and digitizer because I dropped my phone and it broke. Problem is, I am in Chile right now for the next 3 months. I checked in 10 different stores, but they said they cannot fix mine because the model is differently (STUPID) and the galaxy s4s they have here, i9500 and i9505, are not compatible with my device.

    According to

    m919 and SGH-l337 should also be compatible with my device (although that doesnt entirely help until I get home to buy a new piece) ¿But also reading this blog post, all LCD and digitizers are compatible with all galaxies and the actual problem is just the frame it sits in? ¿Is there any way I can buy a screen here in Chile and rig something up that will just allow me to use my phone for the time being? Any possible solutions to my problem-? I do not have time to buy the accurate piece online and have it shipped to me as shipping is hella slow..

    ALSO why are there so many models of the same phone, as in, why is mine SPECIFICALLY Canadian?!

    Any ideas aside from buying a new phone are appreciated!

  2. nu2andy

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    Your best option might be to lease a phone for the time you are in Chile. I have replaced 3 S4 Digitizer/LCD screen assemblies and 1 Logic board and 2 USB charging flex/boards. Believe me, you need to make absolutely sure you identify your S4 when ordering parts. The reason for the subtle differences is due to the design time and availability and requirements of the many world-wide Telcos. Dedicated/Locked logic boards for certain Telcos and when the Telcos provide Software updates vary as well. Mix up these variables by not identifying your phone correctly and you will end up with a brick or parts that will not fit your phone. Neil.

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