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Complete Guide to Flashing Froyo and Rooting in 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alexclark, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. alexclark

    alexclark Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have read a ton of articles on this site, XDA, and other about doing a pre-official upgrade to Froyo on my captivate and then rooting it. This is officially the correct way to do it. The easiest way I found. And of course I am not responsible if you mess your phone up in the process.

    Step One:

    Download all the drivers you can find for the captivate. Install them without plugging the phone in, and then plug the phone in and let windows pick up any additional drivers. (Plug the phone in and let it find drivers, then mount it and let it find more if possible.)

    Driver Links:

    64 bit Windows...Download Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x64 Driver for Windows XP X64 / Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 x64 - Softpedia

    32 bit Windows...Download Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x86 Driver for Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 - Softpedia

    More Drivers...http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/c...3/SGH-i897_Captivate_USB_Drivers_5_02_0_2.zip

    **ALSO** Go ahead and download Samsung Kies. It will provide more drivers...4.0 inch SUPER AMOLED Display, Layar Reality Browser, Android 2.1 OS, 1GHz CPU Speed, 5 Megapixel AF Camera, Music Player - Samsung I9000 - Infotainment - mobile phones | SAMSUNG


    Open Kies and plug your captivate in. Let it go through the loading and discovering the phone and all that song and dance. Also, check and see if your firmware can be updated. It is really easy to get the update through Kies. If there is any kind of updates, go ahead and do it. Even if your phone is already rooted, upgrading to 2.2 is going to delete everything you have anyways.


    After everything has updates and your drivers are installed, (Drivers being most important here) It is time to flash your captivate to androind 2.2. There is a very simple program called ODIN that will do this all for you.

    to prepare for this you will need this version of ODIN Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! download from and of these sources.

    You will also need to put your phone in debugging mode and change the USB setting to ask on connection.

    Download ODIN, and open it. You should see some blank boxes on the screen and two buttons at the bottom that say Start and Master Clear.

    This next series is important so do exactly as the directions say.

    1) Plug the USB cable into the computer WITHOUT the phone plugged into it.

    2) Make sure you have opened ODIN

    3) Hold down BOTH the up and down volume buttons at the some time (Do not push the power button).

    4) Count to 5 slowly and plug your USB cable into the phone while holding the buttons down still.

    5) Download mode will pop up on your phone, it will have a green android guy on there and say very clearly that it is in download mode. YOU HAVE TO BE IN THIS MODE FOR IT TO WORK.

    6) After that, in ODIN, one of the blank boxes should have something in it along the lines of COMM 4 or 3 or just anything in one of those blank boxes. Hit start.
    **This process should only take about 5 minutes to do, if you are sitting there for half an hour something is wrong, go back and redo these steps.**

    7) Let the phone do its thing. It will reboot and once it does, you are good to go and upgraded to 2.2


    Now it is time to root your 2.2 device, which is the easiest part of this. There very simple program to DL that will root your phone and enable side loading. Very easy to use.

    1) Make sure your phone is set to ask on connection under the USB settings and debugging is on.

    2) Download the software..[APP]SuperOneClick v1.5.1 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App, Get UNLOCK code) - xda-developers scroll all the way to the bottom of the post and download the latest version.
    It should be Superoneclickv1.5.1-Shortfuse.zip

    *you may have to register for XDA but its free and has really good forums.

    3) After the download is complete, run the .exe and follow the instructions.
    Off the top of my head there should be a tab at the top of the program that says "Universal" and "Captivate" obviously make sure you are on the captivate tab. If you have to click "get unlock code" first then do so. unless you are experienced, just do the standard root and not the shell root.

    After this you will have Android Froyo 2.2 on your captivate and also have it rooted. Have fun!

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  2. Milksta

    Milksta Lurker

    It says waiting for devices and thats the end of it. I looked at the solution the dev gave but it didn't work.
  3. any hope for Mac users?

    I tried to use the one-click thing but I failed miserably. I don't even know if it is possible
  4. ShiftySauce

    ShiftySauce Lurker

    Does anyone know if this is a good way to go? I am very new to captivate, but have so far successfully been able to root my phone, get rid of bloatware and i am interested in Froyo, but i am also patient enough to just wait for some sort of official release, but this seems pretty straight forward, is it a decent route?
  5. Excellent post, alexclark. Very informative and straightforward. Although you forgot to mention 1 thing: the phone has to be turned OFF when you hold the volume up and down buttons and insert the USB cable. It should probably be in between sub-step 2 and 3 after ODIN is downloaded. Oh and you should probably let people know that they have to back-up their apps first. (I already knew, but some android newcomers might not). Thanks again for this great guide!

    ShiftySauce: Yes this is a very simple and straightforward procedure and I encountered no problems during the install. If you did all that stuff already (rooted, removed bloatware) then this install should be a breeze.
  6. Somhlth

    Somhlth Lurker

    hrm, I just nabbed the Kies software, and aparently the SGH-T959 (T-Mobile Vibrant) isn't supported by it. Or that's the message I got. :(
  7. j.eaton80

    j.eaton80 Lurker

    2. On your device, navigate to Settings > Applications > USB settings and select Mass storage
    3. Plug your device into your computer, select mount USB from your device's pull-down window
    4. Copy the update.zip to the INTERNAL SD memory (~14gb on this drive, not the one w/ Avatar if you've still got the 2gb SD card in)
    5. Turn your phone off.
    6. Hold down volume up and volume down while powering on the phone, this should get you to a recovery menu, you may have to try this a few times.
    7. In Recovery menu select 'Reinstall Packages' (use vol_down then power to select)

    Phone will reboot and you have:
    1. su+Superuser
    2. busybox (/system/xbin/busybox)

    i re-named it to update.zip followed all the directions on designgears site and when i selected re-install packages this is the exact message i got

    E:failed to open /mnt/internal_sd/update.zip* (no such file or directory)* E:signature verification failed installation aborted.

    I also tried super-one-click-root* and it makes it all the way to pushing rageagainstthecage then it just stops and goes no further

    So there's my problem is there anyone that might have a solution to my problem any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. lancerct

    lancerct Lurker

    Odin stopped in Reset, does it mean it's finished?
  9. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Android Expert

    your phone should reboot and go to the homescreen and in the space in odin it will say "success" or something like that.
  10. reinbeau

    reinbeau Klaatu barada nikto

    I think your problem is you literally renamed the file to 'update.zip'. Don't add the '.zip'. The system add the .zip automatically. What you've ended up with is 'updat.zip.zip', and that's why it failed.

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