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General Complete list of games supported by micromax a87

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hemanth, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 22, 2012
    dear friends
    how are u guys???
    hope u guys are doing great

    well i have tested few games and some of them work lag-free ,around 8% are bit lag

    these lag are caused when swapper application is killed(when loading heavy games) or after kill stays in restart mod ,during this time we will face lag and slow

    if we some how keep swapper from killing then we can play most of heavy games without lag or slow

    so developer's plz note this ,need to find the solution for this

    lite games which works lag-free
    FILE aby_escape.apk
    FILE Amazing Alex by Rovio Mobile Ltd. v1.0.1_.apk
    FILE Angry Birds Seasons- Piglantis v2.4.1.apk
    FILE Angry Birds Seasons-v1.2.2-_Angry Birds Space v1.2.2.apk
    FILE Angry Birds v2.2.0[Amazon] ad-free_.apk
    FILE Angry Piggy v1.3.2 .apk
    FILE Angry-Birds-Rio-v1.4.4-Ad-Free-_.apk
    FILE Ant_Smasher_Cool_Top_Best_Kids_3_2.apk
    FILE Burn The Rope-v1.2.20-_.apk
    FILE BurnTheRrope+ v1.2.21.apk
    FILE Can Knockdown 2-v1.06-_.apk
    FILE Chess_Master_2012_12_09_20.apk
    FILE Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-HD-v1.1.3-_.apk
    FILE Cut-the-Rope-Experimentsv114.apk
    FILE Cut-the-Rope-v1.4.1paid-_.apk
    FILE Dead Run - Brave v1.4.apk
    FILE dead_run_brave.apk
    FILE drag_the_rope.apk
    FILE Draw-Breaker-v1.1-_.apk
    FILE Drop.the.Box.v1.1.1.apk
    FILE Escape2012.apk
    FILE extreme_formula.apk
    FILE Falldown.apk
    FILE Feed_Me_1_2_2.apk
    FILE fingerslayer_5.1.1.apk
    FILE Flick.Golf.v1.3.apk
    FILE flick_shoot.apk
    FILE Fling.1.1.1.Android.apk
    FILE Football Kicks v1.5.3.apk
    FILE Froad_v1.0.2.apk
    FILE Fruit Slice 1.4.4.apk
    FILE Fruit_Ninja_1.7.6.apk
    FILE fruit_ninja_puss_in_boots 1.0.apk
    FILE Golden-Ninja-Pro-v1.1.3-_.apk
    FILE granny_smith.apk
    FILE Greedy Spiders 2 v1.0 full_.apk
    FILE Jetpack Joyride v1.3.6-_.apk
    FILE jump_pack_best.apk
    FILE Labyrinth_2_v1.15.apk
    FILE Labyrinth-v1.5.2.apk
    FILE lost_colors.apk
    FILE magic_wingdom.apk
    FILE Multiponk-v1.0-_.apk
    FILE N_Kicker_.apk
    FILE Noogra_Nuts_1_6_5.apk
    FILE Pool Break Pro v2.1.3.apk
    FILE Pyramid Run v1.0 Full.apk
    FILE raging thunder 2 v1.0.11.apk
    FILE Raging Thunder 2 v1.0.11.apk
    FILE rail_rush.apk
    FILE Riptide GP-v1.3.2-_.apk
    FILE Roll_in_the_Hole_v105.apk
    FILE rolling_star.apk
    FILE Rope Rescue v1.24.apk
    FILE Rugby Kicks v1.1.0.apk
    FILE Run Like Hell Heartbreaker v1.2.2.apk
    FILE Run Like Hell v1.1.3.apk
    FILE Shredder-Chess-v1.2.2-_.apk
    FILE smooth_3d.apk
    FILE Soccer_Kicks_2_0.apk
    FILE solarola.apk
    FILE Sprinkle full v1.7.2.apk
    FILE Sprinkle Junior v1.1.1.apk
    FILE Striker-Soccer-Eurocup-2012-Pro-v1.6.1.apk
    FILE T20 ICC Cricket World Cup 2012 171.apk
    FILE T20ICCCWC12-v0.0.17.apk
    FILE Temple-Run-Brave-v1.1.3-_.apk
    FILE Temple-Run-v1.0.7-_.apk
    FILE turtle_run.apk
    FILE Veggie-KungFu-Pro-v1.0.0.1-_.apk
    FILE wacky_duck.apk
    FILE Where s My Water_ v1.8.1.apk
    FILE wheres_my_perry.apk
    FILE World-Cricket-Championship-Pro-v2.5-_.apk
    FILE 3D Cricket WorldCup Fever v2.5.apk
    FILE Angry Birds- Happy 2nd Birthday v2.0.2.apk
    FILE Angry Swamp Choot Em v1.0.apk
    FILE Babel Running v1.1.apk
    FILE Basketball Free Throwsv1.0.0.apk
    FILE Beavers Revenge v1.2.apk
    FILE Birzzle v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Black Ops v1.1.apk
    FILE Blood Run v1.2.apk
    FILE Button Soccer v1.0.1.6.apk
    FILE Chess Master 2012 v12.10.05.apk
    FILE Chickens Quest v1.3.apk
    FILE Cricket T20 Fever 3D v11.0.apk
    FILE Dead_Runner_v1.44_.apk
    FILE Deadly Dungeon v1.0.4.apk
    FILE Desert Stormfront v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Early Bird v1.1.0.apk
    FILE Feed Me Oil v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Fists For Fighting (Fx3) v1.0.apk
    FILE Flick Golf Extreme.apk
    FILE Flick Shoot v1.3.apk
    FILE Fluffy Birds Deluxe v1.61.apk
    FILE Fluid Football v1.0.2.apk
    FILE Frodo v2.1.apk
    FILE Gold Rush! v1.0.apk
    FILE Gravity Project v1.3.apk
    FILE Gun & Blood v1.03.apk
    FILE Hippo Adventure v1.0.apk
    FILE I Can Freekick v1.4.apk
    FILE iBasket v0.8.apk
    FILE King of fighters - History v1.5.apk
    FILE Mortal Skies 2 v1.1.apk
    FILE Ninja Chicken v1.4.2.apk
    FILE Nose Poking vv1.03.apk
    FILE Penguin Destroyer v1.12.apk
    FILE PetitWing v1.0.apk
    FILE Pick a Piggy v1.0.2.apk
    FILE Pool Break Pro v2.1.8.apk
    FILE Riptide GP Tegra v1.3.1.apk
    FILE Rolling Ranch v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition v1.1.1.apk
    FILE Soccer Free Kicks Deluxe v1.0.apk
    FILE Soccer Free Kicks v1.3.1.apk
    FILE Soccer Kicks v2.0.apk
    FILE Soccer v1.0.5.apk
    FILE Soccer_Kicks_v1.0.apk
    FILE Spiders v1.3.apk
    FILE Striker_Soccer_Euro_2012_Pro_v1.3.apk
    FILE Take me Home v1.0.7.apk
    FILE Tank ON-Modern Defender v1.0.9.apk
    FILE Urban Futbol v1.apk
    FILE Where is my jelly v1.1.apk
    FILE World Cricket Championship Pro v2.5.apk
    FILE Zombie Frontier v1.04.apk
    FILE Zombies Fury 2 v1.0.5.apk
    FILE RealFootball2010

    heavy games with little or no lag
    FILE Red_Bull_AR_Reloaded_1_5_5.apk
    FILE war_machine_hummer.apk
    FILE Virtua Tennis Challenge v4.0.apk
    FILE Drift Mania Championship 2 v1.0.apk
    FILE 3D Goalkeeper v1.1.apk
    FILE Blood & Glory- Legend v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Ducati Challenge v1.13.apk
    FILE Escape From Rikon Premium v1.0.5.apk
    FILE EuroGoal 2012 v1.04.apk
    FILE Experiment 13 v1.0.apk
    FILE Final Defence v1.0.7.apk
    FILE Frontline commando v2.0.0.apk
    FILE Furious Wheel v1.0.1.apk
    FILE N.O.S. Car Speedrace v1.21.apk
    FILE Offroad Legends Free v1.1.0 .apk
    FILE prince_of_persia_classic.apk
    FILE Running FredV1.4.9.apk
    FILE Samurai II- Vengeance v1.01.apk
    FILE Shadowgun v1.1.0.apk
    FILE Sports Car Challenge v1.9.zip
    FILE Throne of Swords v1.6.0.apk
    FILE Top Gear- Stunt School Revolutionv1.0 .apk
    FILE asphalt5_3.0.7.apk
    FILE need for speed shift 1.0.78.apk
    FILE need_for_speed_hot_pursuis 1.0.48..apk
    FILE real_racing_2_2.apk

    ok games (which are bit ok like games)
    FILE angry_boo.apk
    FILE Blind-Ninja-Sing-v1.04-.apk
    FILE bloody_bunnies.apk
    FILE chlory_the_ocean_guard.apk
    FILE darkness_rider_sin_city.apk
    FILE dizzy_prince_of_the_yolkfolk.apk
    FILE egg_concert.apk
    FILE eggy_ed.apk
    FILE Fruit-Blitz-1.0.3-_.apk
    FILE hamsonic_jumpjump.apk
    FILE jetpack_joyride.apk
    FILE jetpack_war.apk
    FILE pebble_universe.apk
    FILE Pinball-Arcade-v1.0.5-_.apk
    FILE Pinball-Deluxe-Premium-v1.3.11-_.apk
    FILE popping_fluffy.apk
    FILE PrincessPunt-v1.1.4-_.apk
    FILE rotate_to_win.apk
    FILE Shoot The Birds v1.02_.apk
    FILE soccer_boy.apk
    FILE War Pinball HD-v1.1-build-10287-_.apk
    FILE 100 Gates v1.12.apk
    FILE Air Navy Fighters v1.2.apk
    FILE Archer World Cup 2 v1.81.apk
    FILE Arma II- Firing Range v1.02.apk
    FILE Army Defense v1.0.3.apk
    FILE Bloody Bunnies v1.0.apk
    FILE Chameleon Dash v1.0.apk
    FILE Cherry Bird v1.0.apk
    FILE Defend The Bunker v2.0.apk
    FILE Defend the earth v1.0.0.apk
    FILE Defense Command v1.0.7.apk
    FILE Fortress Under Siege v1.0.apk
    FILE GraviTire 3D v2.0.2.apk
    FILE Hit The Soldier v1.0.apk
    FILE Jail Escape v1.3.apk
    FILE Marco Macaco v1.0.7.apk
    FILE Medieval v1.0.6.apk
    FILE Play Chess v4.93.apk
    FILE Robo-Rail v1.0.apk
    FILE Run Run Bear(Doomsday) v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Save My Telly v1.0.apk
    FILE Shoot Arrow v1.1.0.apk
    FILE Shoot the Apple v1.0.2.apk
    FILE Snakes And Ladders 3D v1.2.apk
    FILE Sniper shot v2.5.14.apk
    FILE Wizards & Goblins v1.0.apk

    these games are need to be tested
    FILE apollo_69.apk
    FILE asphalt_7_heat.apk
    FILE BAS-v1.0.apk
    FILE bird_land.apk
    FILE Cave Run 3D .apk
    FILE DEAD TRIGGER v1.1.1.apk
    FILE EuroGoal 2012 v1.0.1.apk
    FILE Fast_5_HD.apk
    FILE fast_five_the_movie_official_game_hd.apk
    FILE FIFA 12 by EA SPORTS 1.3.97.apk
    FILE Fight Game- Heroes v1.0.2.apk
    FILE Flick Shoot Pro v2.0.4.apk
    FILE GEARS and GUTS by Glu v1.0.1_.apk
    FILE Genesis v1.0.5.apk
    FILE GT Racing- Hyundai Edition v1.0.0 v1.0.apk
    FILE iblast_moki_2.apk
    FILE Iron Fist Boxing v4.1.0.apk
    FILE Let


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  2. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2012
    Guwahati, Assam, India
    backbreaker , backbreaker 2 vengence, anger of stick, unicorn dash, sims 3
  3. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2012
    Guwahati, Assam, India
    asphalt 7 works!
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  4. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 22, 2012
    thanks for the update yaar @ryshic12
  5. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2012
    Guwahati, Assam, India

    will update you on more games soon.
  6. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2012
    Muffin Knight & Guerrilla Bob
  7. thanks for the updates list..

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