Root Complete Noob - Want To Put New ROM On Ace


Hey guys. First post, so don't expect much from an Android noob looking for a little clearance and advice.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace running Gingerbread 2.3.4 and I want to upgrade to JB. I've unlocked the phone and I've rooted it (I know because I have SuperUser installed). Would my next step would be to flash a custom ROM?? I have read on here that I should install ROM Manager to install Clockword Mod Recovery to allow me to flash ROMs, but then read that the Ace will be bricked if I install Clockword Mod through ROM Manager. Not sure what to do now, and any help would be appreciated.

P.S - I have Titanium Backup installed and know how to use it.


Android Expert
Yes, you will most likely brick your phone if you use rom manager.
Rom manager is just an app, all it does can be done manually also, it merely reduces user intervention. So as we cannot use rom manager, we have to do it the long way, i.e. do stuff ourself.
You need flash a custom recovery now, and that will be ClockworkMod recovery, google for the zip file of the recovery, put the file in the root of your sd card, enter into recovery and install the zip file.
After this reboot your recovery and you will see new options and color change. You can now use the new features to flash the rom of your choice.

P.S. There are several versions of ACE S5830 out there, like S5830i, S5830M etc. You cannot mix them, just because they have a similar name does not mean they are the same device. If you mix it up, you may damage your phone. Use the stuff built for your phone model only and not any other.