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Complex problem

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I am new to the android system (and to this forum as well).

    I actually have a complex problem.

    First the background....I bought my Samsung Galaxy S Duos in May'13, and the dealer gave me apk files og some common apps like facebook, temple run etc. in my sd card (SD card actually belonged to my dad's phone (Nokia 6300 Classic), which he bought around 3-4 yrs back).

    All those apps installed properly at that time.

    Now, the problem starts....
    (Actually it aint the actual problem, but i guess it may connect)
    In November, my phone's battery started dying at a very fast rate.... As in, i would charge it completely at night, it would only be around 15% in the morning. So, I took it to the service centre, and they tested it and ultimately, changed the motherboard. Now, the battery problem was solved.

    After some time, i tried to install Temple run (which the dealer had given me), it didn't install..It would say "Application not installed"..I tried it with other apps, same problem. However, it installed perfectly before the motherboard changed.
    I ignored it at that point, and instead downloaded it from PlayStore.
    (I have "Unknown Sources" checked in the security settings)

    Now, few days back I tried to install another app from those dealer gave me....
    The same problem persisted. Tried to google it,
    They had following suggestions (None of them worked)
    1: Unknown Sources: Told you, i have it checked.
    2: Memory insufficient: Of 1-1.5 Gb internal memory, hardly 400 mb was occupied...
    (However, i noticed, it installed apps from PlayStore nd Samsung Apps.)

    Then, few days back, I downloaded "TrackRacing Online" from Samsung Apps, using Kies, over USB. So, it downloaded the apk file on my phone (internal memory). I moved to my SD Card... (There was no particular reason to it...i just did) And when I tried to install it, it said "Installing..." for around 2 minutes, and then said the usual "Application not installed". So, I restarted the phone and tried again....It gave a "Parse Error". And so did, the Temple run (which i downloaded from PlayStore...I had copied its apk file to my SD Card too)... However, the other apps given by the dealer were still showing "Application not installed".

    Then my phone (particularly the SD card) started behaving unusually. It would not display any images in the SD card. So, I decided to delete the apk file of the trackracing app. But when i went to MyFiles->extSDCard... The phone hanged... So, i again restarted the phone... Unmounted the sd card straight away.. Put it in my dad's phone (Nokia 6300 Classic) There, it was able to browse the memory card. I deleted the apk file... took out the memory card and put it the Galaxy duos, it showed the same apk file, although, its size as 0 bytes. So, I again transferred the sd card to my dad's phone, and connected it to pc via usb. I tried to format it, but it said format failed. Then, it hanged on my pc as well, so i unplugged the usb, and reconnected...thinking instead of formatting i'll just deleted the data. Now much to my surprise, It showed, data usage 0 bytes, used 0 bytes and free 0bytes. On googling it, there were mostly those who have partitioned it. And i dont really remember having it partitioned. So, highly frustrated by now, i just put thought to put the sd card back on the duos, and let it stay there.... But I had yet another surprise waiting for me.....The phone would mount the sd card, saying "Blank SD Card"....

    Now, that you've read my problem,
    I would first like to have a solution for the sd card.....
    And then for the "Application not installed" one......

    Thanking you and May God bless you :) :)


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