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Complicated brick (read summary first)

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by azfardajiwang, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. azfardajiwang

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    Phone model : Gt S6500d Galaxy mini 2.
    Stock Rom, Stock Kernel. operaing at gb 2.6.3
    Rooted using Poot and Ministro ii.
    Flashed CWM using Odin
    Everything was working fine until Samsung initiate a "software update".

    Long Story:

    Today, i have encountered a problem on my Samsung Galaxy mini II (GT-s6500D)

    [Few weeks ago] When i rooted my phone using Poot and installed Superuser, everything was fine.. Then, i downloaded CWM and after it, my phone wouldn't boot into CWM Recovery even with the usual recovery button pressing. It could only boot into download / normal booting.. Also, it cant even boot into recovery mode. it will just vibrate and reboot.

    Now [few weeks later after rooting] i have a new problem with my phone.. ALL of my data cables wouldn't connect/ charge my S6500D when it is connected to my laptop/ Yoobao's wall charger. But but but, it seemed to be able to charge when i connected it to my authentic samsung wall charger..

    The problem seemed to happen like just out of sudden .. no apps were installed before the problem happened..

    Ok, so then, i remembered that early this afternoon i was asked by my phone to update software.. It was on gb 2.3.6 .. so, i thought the cable error could be due to some internal driver fault (?)

    Edit : It now boots into CWM recovery even if i try to boot normally and didn't press the recovery buttons . It will also auto boot into CWM recovery if i reboot through the CWM recovery menu.. This new problem happens when my phone reboots after "updating software". Other than that, my phone can also boot into download mode (both through Jig and button pressing). BUT, odin will be unable to detect my phone..

    Is there any piece of advice you guys could tell me or where i can start with? i hope that there could be a solution..

    Thanks alot in advanced!

    Help please


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