Sep 11, 2011
Cant seem to save mp3 sent via txt. D/l save mms app but dunno how it works
It would really help to specify the app and the device. Not everyone is using the same app. You need to help those attempting to help you.
Could you guys plz help me out i have no one/ anywhere else to ask abou this and would really appreciate if anyone could tell me how i go about this? I have an lg android and i received a txt with a mp3 attached. I am clueless when it comes to creating folders or doin anythin with my sd card. Please help me out!!
Sorry all i kno about the save mms app is
The name and when i hold down on the msg it just gives me 3 opttions to view/delete thread and view contact. The actual mp3 wont do anythim when i hold down on it it ex ept play