Dec 20, 2013
I had a Sumsung Galaxy S2 and one of the things I miss most with my Nexus 5 is the ability to compose, edit and send SMS message on a PC. I have trawled the app store but there does not seem to be anything. Anyone know better please?
I use MyPhoneExplorer for this. There's an app on the phone and a client on my PC and it's primarily used to sync calendar and contacts. But it also syncs files and allows you to read/write texts from your phone. I'll rarely use my phone to compose a text message (SMS ... :) ) as I find a touch keyboard to be a pain.

This is another instance where having your phone and carrier information in the OP's profile would help.

You can send text messages from Verizon's website, but the messages you send don't appear on your phone, even after the other person replies. That's sort of bogus.
AirDroid would probably also be able to do what you're asking.

You could also potentially use Google Voice you would just need to get a redirect number from Google.
This looks pretty invasive - you've got to go through their server to send the message. I'd much rather use something like EasySMS where everything's contained within your network and there's no third party potentially mining your texts for information.

Keep in mind that anytime you give permission to an app upon installation to access your SMS/MMS that you're essentially allowing a 3rd party access to secure areas of your phone in this case, your SMS/MMS.