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Compound bow Droid Mount

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by damageinc, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. damageinc

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    Jun 2, 2010

    Jun 2, 2010
    Do to a large volume of requests on a hunting forum( DIY ) I am going to seel these for a short period of time
    You can order it here and see video\pictures:
    forhuntersbyhunters: Products
    The mount also accommodates camcorders and cameras with 1\4 - 20 screw holes.
    If ordering with the stabilizer bracket (your stabilizer would be removed because it may not have a 5\16 24 Thread in the end of it).This is the same Universal Thread that Stabilizers mount to bows with)
    Shipping will be combined for multiple orders.
    This product has not completed testing.
    $5 referral refund available:
    Your friend will receive a $5 discount with your name on their initial order- Be sure to have them use your name as it is spelled on your order.

    The mount can be purchased 4 different ways:
    1) W\ Stabilizer - This bracket will need to be ordered and machined then delivered with your order.This will cause a 2 week delay from receipt of order.
    2) W\O Stabilizer - If your bow has a 5\16 - 24 Thread opening in the end of your stabilizer you can screw the mount into it and keep your Stabilizer.
    3) W\O Smart Phone bracket (for mounting cameras and phones only - Be sure your camera\camcorder has a 1\4 - 20 screw hole.
    4) W\O Stab or smart phone bracket.
    All are Blk in color. If there is enough interest camo patterns might be added later as an option.

    Smart Phone Bracket will accommodate Phones From:
    Width: 1-7/8" ~ 2 1/2"
    Thikness: 7/8"
    Length: Infinite
    Phone Bracket:2oz
    Stabilizer Mount: In progress

    Worried about getting your phone wet? There are many manufacturer's that sell waterproof covers that are touch screen friendly such as:
    Arkon GPS032 GPS and Smartphone Waterproof Hard case with Bicycle and Motorcycle Mount | GoPDA Windows Mobile(Windows Phone) Blog

    Make your bow the world's most sophisticated...


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