Comprehensive list of changes in 2.3 Gingerbread


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Please don't get your hopes up for the NFC reader - it's something that is built into the hardware of the phone and will never be available on the DHD.

The page you are referencing is all about vanilla android, so many of this will be different on the DHD thanks to the HTC Sense UI that has been put over the top.
Hi i'm new here to this forum but i bought a new HTC desire HD last week and am already updated to the new Gingerbread O/S for it. i got it last night 19/05/2011, and its spot on alot of improvements and it seems better than before. Alot of the shops now sell unbranded phones in the uk cos branding and network locking it being outlawed.
also with the desire Hd i found a little glitch that needs fixing
if you have your gprs settings enabled you CAN send picture messages as well as receive. its just getting a combination of both settings to allow both sending and receiving of them. I am working on several links and will post my findings as soon as i know how they work and will post as soon as there verified by HTC and my supplier(orange) talking about both settings i mean internet and mms at the same time"without going into the settings to switch all the time.


How do I get signal bar, data connection, and wireless connection indicators to show the colours depending on how good the connection is. I thought I read somewhere that if the signal is good then they show in green and if not so good they go orange (and maybe red). They show green in the screenshots on the link in the first post of this thread. MIne are unchanged since the update. I wonder if this is like the gingerbread keyboard which wasn't a staright forward settings change as anticipated.

Mods, not sure if I should have posted this in Troubleshooting so please move if you think fit. Posted here because of the screenshots of the new UI.


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Are you thinking of them showing green if you have a reliable connection to Google and white if not? That's also a vanilla android only feature.


Scrolling down the apps list after clicking on the menu button has somehow become less kinetic and more 'sticky'. Any ways of changing that back?


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Thanks for the answers. Think it's pretty shocking that it's not standard though, even though people may not use it, it's a simple action


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Yeah it constantly irks me when I see friends' posts on Facebook of screenshots from their iPhone, especially since the things we could screenshot are far more interesting...