May 12, 2010
I have a Desire....(sounds kinda wrong!)
I'm using a 16gb sd card. But its completely full. I copied and pasted my iTunes libary to it. I have 3500 tracks which is about 15gb.
Im very slow with computers etc and was wondering if there was anyway to compress my music to free up some space. I cant even take photos with the phone now because its saying I have no storage.

Bit gutted really :( I asked on another thread how much and where can i get a 32gb but they said there not available yet.

Please help
Honestly, I can't stand people you compress music more than it already is. It makes the quality very bad IMO. My advice would be just to get rid of a few albums, like 1gb worth. I'm sure you dont listen to every single song on there.
Honestly...........Lmao. Cant you stand it. Does it rile you up and get under your skin?

Calm down, have a cup of tea. Its only a computer. Im sure the artist wont lose any sleep and nether should you.

Now does anyone else have any tips or hints. Im actually quite fond of my music collection and dont really want to delete any more tracks. Im sure if I compress to a really low bit rate then the quality is bound to suffer. I was hoping that there was maybe a program that squeezes out the blank spaces etc or something down that route.

Advice please
I think there's only one solution.

As you've pointed out, you will need to convert each and every track to lower bit rate.

I've used a utility called Easy CD-DA Extractor, which can go through a directories, and subdirectories converting each track to a specific bit rate. (which you set).

See Easy CD-DA Extractor

However, a 15gb list it may take a while, but it's fast, makes excellent smaller files, and overwrites the original once converted.

Just point it to your phone's SD card. It even keeps your MP3 tags.
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Thanks, sounds good. Even if it doesnt work I can reformat the disk and copy my original music back on it.

Ill give it a whirl;):cool: