Help computer no longer sees Micro SD card?


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Im very annoyed! I tried to go through and delete unneeded files on the SD card. Well, an error came up on the computer, and now it wont see the card in the adapter. There is no lock on it as it is a micro card.

I took and put it into my camera, and formated it that way. I can use the camera to take pics and save to the card, but the computer still doesn't see the card when inserted.

The phone sees the card, but to go into settings and format the card button is greyed out so I cant use the phone to do it.

HELP! What can I do to make the damn computer recognize the card so I can put my gingerbread files and stuff on it to get out of this crappy stock froyo??



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You need to unmount the card first then you can format. Settings>Storage>Unmount Card>Format card.

Formatting in the phone should do the trick.


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unmounting didn't do the trick. But, Im fairly sure I figured out the problem. My computer is old, so I needed an adapter for it to properly read the SDHC code. I think that adapter shit the bed, as my mom's computer sees it, and when I connect the phone to my old computer via the usb cord, it shows up just fine. Weird.