Computer to phone via USB - which folders to paste into???


If I plug my phone into the computer, which folder of the phone do I paste the downloaded movie into so I can watch it on the phone. I tried pasting a downloaded movie into the pictures folder and watched it using the camera app on the phone. One movie worked, and one didn't. But if I download a media player app, which folder should I copy and paste the movies into on the phone (from my computer - when phone hooked up to computer with usb cord)
I'm new to smart phones. Just bought a HTC Desire HD.
Also if I download an app to my computer and want to transfer the app to the phone via USB, which folder do I paste the app into?


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Make folders on your SD card and name they as you like :) (e.g. Movie, Apps).

With your media player you'll find your movie folder.

For installing apps you'll need a file manager like Estrongs File Explorer.
With the file manager you'll find your app folder.
But you know that you can install apps directly with your phone via Google market? ;)



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I highly recommend Remote Web Desktop app for your 'droid.
See Remote Web Desktop Full - Android app on AppBrain (I used this URL because of the description &c
and because I endorse or benefit from the site.)

With the phone connected to wifi, You load the app and launch it, tinker a couple of settings, then START the server all on your phone. The app tells you the details you need for the workstation step.

Now, from any workstation that shares the same network subnet as the phone, you point your browser using the details supplied above and VIOLA,
you can move all sorts of things back and forth.

Have APK files on your workstation? Select Install Application and it move
to the phone and starts the install processing.

There are still lumps in the the road so life is not perfect. Actions dealing with Contacts are new and pretty rough. As a whole, I've almost replaced
all other ways of data transportation.

~~~ 0;-Dan