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Concord II Stuck on ZTE boot screen - CAN access CWM Recovery.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by legosrock8282, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Hi, So I have had my concord II rooted for a while working perfectly, but yesterday my phone got stuck on the ZTE boot screen. I can access CWM recovery mode by holding the volume up+power button, but once there, I have been unable to fix the problem. I selected "wipe data/factory reset" and it completeted succesfully, but when I selected "reboot system now", after the reboot, nothing was changed - I am still stuck on the bootscreen. Is there anything else I can try to fix it? Thanks

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  2. Oscar Ramos

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    How to fix the ZTE Concord 2? I have that phone and it doesn't work anymore because it got hacked and had a white screen on it.
  3. The-Truth

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  4. The-Truth

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    Have you ever ran/flashed J011y Xp3r!m3nt stock debloated custo ROM by the great bcrichster A.K.A The ROMinator? If you haven't. Wipe you're stock ROM after a nandroid bckup. In you're case might nt wanna back up the currant soft bricked ROM you speak of. Either way. Point being wipe that soft bricked ROM you're on now and flash J011y Xp3r!m3nt ROM for you're device by bcrichster. It's the same ROM you're soft bricked is but less bloat smaller sized and much more fluid! Give er a try if ya wanna & let me know the haps. I'm the one who figured out its no PC needed root and recovery method. The great Hroark13 (MY MOFO!) Came up with its previous PC needed method as well as it's CWM IMG. YOU DA MAB HROARK! & BIG shout out to bcrichster/ (ROMinator) for they're time and genius involved in/on that OK Concord 2.
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