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Confirmed...my GPS works!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BigCiX, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    We'll finally had the chance to test my GPS while driving. Hers what I did

    - clicked applications
    - hit maps
    - left start point alone (Anaheim)
    - end point: Bakersfield, ca
    - hit go
    - hit navagate

    navigation was on point from start to finish except through the grapevine area (mountains). When it did pick back up it took about 30-45 seconds cause I on some signal other than 3G, E or wifi. Looks as if it was only a G. Anyway....got home turned it off and started reverse directions. Gave me directions and found my location with 7 seconds.

    So maybe it's not all GPS's. Or maybe I got lucky cause everytime I used google maps at Disneyland it found my location fast.

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  2. pinbak

    pinbak Well-Known Member

    2 day ago plus most of last week mine was working crappy...today it just locks right on bam google maps on bam gpt test 8 seen with in use 6-8.

    But that is just it, when others were having GPS issues when it first came out, I wasn't. Then after about 1.5 weeks I never got a lock.

    Now today BAM!!! lock again, plus sometime when I wasn't getting one it would do like it is today. It's that randomness that is just well it might work, it might NOT work. And with it working today, the settings are untouched they are the stock settings , NO changes nothing...

    Samsung needs to fix it so it works everyday, Not some days it works, some days it might work, some days it just don't know WTF is going on. It needs to work. I understand there are certain conditions which can cause issues, but come on!!! If I'm outside and it's a clear day..it should be the same or close to the same, not lock in 2 seconds to never knowing where the hell i am. LOL!!! Today is just a lucky day for GPS locks!! nJoy it!! Tomorrow might be a whole new ballgame!!!
  3. MaxPowers

    MaxPowers Member

    I got my replacement vibrant today. (I check both forums ^_^) Started it up, the GPS seemed to work, worked all the way to the post office where I returned my other vibrant, and all the way back. I was about to post about how it works but now I get the all to familiar drifting and GPS test shows that I am still only getting 2 satellites. Might be just a matter of time before yours stops working?
  4. fireonhigh

    fireonhigh Well-Known Member

    i bet at&t,tmobile are going crazy with all the returns:Dmaybe they will get us a FIX
  5. Vtec

    Vtec Member

    The first one I had the gps didn't work but the second captivate I got just works .
  6. BobPaul

    BobPaul Well-Known Member

    Do you think it will delay the release of the Dell phone for fear of all the Captivate users asking to swap?
  7. fireonhigh

    fireonhigh Well-Known Member

    wow,im still in my 30days;).. interesting, i may as well return mine to,, even if its not fixed..new battery?:p
  8. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    To all of those that think it is working:

    I too thought I was a lucky one, but to check, I started using it for every drive. Ultimately, I find mine is as schizophrenic as all the others.
  9. pinbak

    pinbak Well-Known Member

    yea after mine being super nice last night and locking on everything I did, I got excited!!!! I then used mine this morning on the drive to work and thing was loosing locks and putting me on over the city of columbus, it's a lost cause until they actually fix it..I too suggest others using it everyday to do things and come back after doing this for a month and if it works in the same conditions everyday then I too will say it works until then its a hit and miss!! :(

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