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Conflicting 'available internal storage' indications & deleting cache takes up additional space

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by larryvega, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. larryvega

    larryvega Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi there!

    My phone:
    Samsung Google Nexus S I9023
    Jelly Bean 4.1.2

    For quite some time I have been getting messages that there is insufficient space when trying to install apps from Google Play. I don't really understand it since I believe there ought to be plenty of space available. However, the storage indications do behave rather strangely...

    The Nexus S has 1 GB of storage reserved for installing apps.

    I get conflicting indications of how much storage space is available:
    If I enter 'Storage' from the Android 'Settings' menu, it currently says that there's 150 MB available. However, the green indicator indicates that there is more than this available. It is only at around 70%
    If, however, I enter 'Apps' (on the 'Downloads' tab) from the Android 'Settings' menu, it also starts out on 150 MB but then grows to 269 MB as it calculates how much space the apps take up. This corresponds pretty well to 30% available space (and thus 70% occupied space as above).
    What's going on?

    Deleting the cache of individual apps takes up additional space instead of releasing it:
    Just before I posted this, I entered some apps from the 'Apps' view in 'Settings' and deleted their cache. Before I did this I had 277 MB available space. So deleting the cache from these apps actually cost me 8 MB of space!
    Again, what's going on?

    If I root my phone will it then be possible for me to see what's taking up the space in my internal storage. For example, would I be able to see by analyzing system folders if the deleted cache actually was copied to some other place in the internal storage instead?

    Hope someone can help!

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  2. rockhammer

    rockhammer Newbie

    Hi Larry, I don't have a solution to offer but I have the same problem for a while now.

    In Storage Use I see:
    downloaded - 0.88GB used, 103MB free
    usb storage - 9.8GB used, 3.5GB free
    running 283MB used, 68MB free
    all - 0.88GB used, 103MB free

    Everytime I try to install or update an app I get "insufficient storage" error.

    I wonder if some of the apps can be moved over to usb storage to bypass this problem.

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