Apps Confused about Android Development. :o


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Well, I have tried reading tutorials and blogs about android app development, and I have no idea what I'm doing. The tutorials are being written like the writers expect the readers to have some knowledge of android development.

Can anyone give me a list of important requirements to develop android? (I have already all required software installed). Or at least give me a link to an easy tutorial for beginners.

Also, please DONT mention What, you don't think that was the first place I would go after deciding to learn android coding? :smokingsomb:
I am just learning Android programming so I think I know what you mean. It is quite confusing.

I think the real key to learning Android programming is to know Java before you start learning Android. If you don't know Java well then it will always be confusing as to which bits are Java and which are Android specific.

You didn't say if you already knew Java but if you can't program competently in Java (writing new classes, using extends and implementing interfaces) then I would suggest that you first write some programs in Java and get comfortable using objects.

I know Java and it is still quite difficult as there are a lot of Android classes to learn.