Mar 16, 2011
I'm a bit confused on what Nexus 4 variant I have. In AnTuTu, I have the following info:
Storage-Internal SD Card; 5503.5/5803.1 MB (5.37/5.66 GB)

In Fastboot Mode, I have the following info:

Product Name- MAKO
Variant- MAKO 16GB

I've tried different "fixes" and my internal storage always ends up with 5.67GBs. So, what am I to believe my phone should have?
Same here. We have the 16 gb version, that happens after you flash you rom. I went back to full stock but still only 8gb :/ I don't even have enough space for GTA San Andreas :( Hope someone will find an easy fix for this
I should have at least 12GBs, but I dont. I only have: Total Space- 5.67GBs

Im about to spit this phone in half just to see its guts!!
I know you have tried different fixes, but can you confirm that you've tried the one John Bean suggested? That's the route that I went when I had a similar issue after a bit of flashing around.

Or, better still, it seems that performing a clear cache + factory reset from the stock recovery should be sufficient.