Confused with ICS firmware names


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In terms of firmware releases, on GB, I knew where I stood. KI4 was before KH3, which was before KH5, which was before LA1 etc. etc.

Now I have NO IDEA by looking at an ICS firmware which is newer.
For example, I thought it was about time tried a Sammy based ICS ROM having tried CM9/AOKP based previously, so I thought about Wanamlite or AndyX

Wanamlite currently is LP8, AndyX LPH.
Going on Sammobile, LP8 is higher up the list than LPH (hence newer presumably) but going by this list, LP7 is newer than LP8! :banghead: or am I reading into this incorrectly?

And I just noticed AndyX is on LP7 (so newer than LP8? :dontknow: ) as I was looking at the (closed) AndyX thread on XDA

Is there a definitive place to look for the order of ICS firmware releases.


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The build date tells you when it was compiled. LP8, LPH etc mean squat without knowing what the original firmware was; XWLP4 is more recent than DXLP7 but older than XWLP7, for example.


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True Slug, but ics firmware naming is a complete lottery.
Gb had K for 2011, the next letter for the month (A-L) then the last for revision, 99% of which followed time logically.
ICS have L for year 2012, and after that, it's a lucky dip! :banghead:


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Better remove those rose-tinted glasses, mate. Take KF3... that could be later than KF4, depending on where the firmware originated. XWKG1 is later (by one day) than JPKG2. :)

Don't know about rose tinted. I think dark glasses are the order of the day for me today!

I understand what you are saying but there was a certain convention, as Hawker mentions, that one could use to roughly gauge the age order of firmwares.

Next thing you'll be telling me is that there's no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy! :listen: