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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by nattsum7779, May 27, 2019.

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    I know with out a doubt that my phone is hacked and it's all my fault actually. I allowed someone to borrow my phone but didn't think she would do such things to me. I'm trying hard to figure out how it's done so I can actually have a phone that I can use without her and anyone she chooses to do so knowing everything I do. I would also love to have a Google, Gmail, Facebook and messanger account that I could continue to use for more than three days. In reading many many topics of Android spy apps,hacker guides ECT. It all seems very possible. There are 135 apps on my phone it says, I have downloaded probably 10. Many many app files that seem to be normal for Android operating systems but I know she and others see all text and messanger messages, able to forward calls, allow calls to go and come, block calls and much more. I've read everything on how to see if your phone is hacked. My phone behaves exactly how a 'hacked' phone would behave. I've literally had my identity stolen and have become paranoid to no end. I have had this phone less than a month and now while looking at my Google Play under library it reads like my old phone plus this new one. I DIDN'T USE THE SAME GOOGLE ACCOUNT AND USED MY BOYFRIEND'S NAME!!! I'm almost at the point of throwing away the phone forever!!! I'm begging that if anyone can help guide me to a possible answer or to someone who can figure this out please help me. I'm at my wit's end

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    How many apps came with the phone? Some manufacturers include a hell of a lot of stuff.

    If you want to be sure of clearing it you will need to remove accounts, reset and reflash the phone (completely replacing the system software, which no spyware can survive). That may be excessive but without a lot more detail we can't know. The methods depend on what phone you have.

    If you think it's hacked you need to secure your accounts too, and should use a clean computer rather than a compromised phone to do that.
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    Computers and phones work together well. Hook up your phone to a computer.
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    Wisdom @Hadrastafari! As @Hadron is known to me now.
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    i would change all of your passwords and then get a new phone.
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    Only two people have unlimited access to my phone, my wife and daughter. My wife knows all my passwords and my daughter is only interested in her games

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