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connect to internet via pc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ghostd0gg, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. ghostd0gg

    ghostd0gg Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hello people. im new to the forum.I'm waiting my wildfire in some days to arrive..Ive used it a lit bit because a friend of mine has it.Since i cant find a good answer online and the search in this forum didnt help i would like to ask you.

    How can i connect my wildfire to the internet using my pcs's connection?..They pc doesn't have wifi..so it has to be wired..Thanks , Nick

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  2. smokinguns

    smokinguns Newbie

    What you're looking for is called USB Reverse Tethering.

    I am trying to do that on my HTC Desire myself. No luck so far..

    Couple of resources reg ppl claiming to have done it on other phones (rooted - will void warranty). None of them worked unfortunately.

    a) Requires Rooting - Tried, Can't execute the last command to set the DHCP of usb0 as it requires root.
    Mycila Blog: Reverse USB Tethering with Android 2.2

    b) Isn't clear if it requires rooting - Doesn't work (strange!)
    Connect-UTB • View topic - USB Networking in Android on HTC

    c) Some other tablet Android which has an external Ethernet adapter - although might only work with particular model.
    USB Enthernet cable Connection

    d) Yet to try
    [android-developers] Re: Ethernet / IP over USB connection?
  3. ghostd0gg

    ghostd0gg Guest
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the answer.

    well answer e) buy a wireless modem

    is the best solution for me now...thanks mate
  4. xaviat

    xaviat Lurker

    Why dont you just use connectify or Virtual Router.

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