Help Connecting ad-hoc WiFi spot


I haven't a wifi shared connection on the office so I decided to create a hot-spot with wireless adapter and my Win Xp PC. Was used D-Link N150 USB Adapter. It was installed regarding manual and created an open Ad-Hoc network. Adapter's software has own application to manage networks, so it was easy to do. It is a lot of info to create hot-spot using Win XP features. E.g. this Do not forget to share your main internet connection.
Finally I had my own open network. Next step to configure my phone to connect it.

1. You need rooted phone.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi. Next, install GScript Lite and Root Explorer (from Market).
4. Create executable file netwifi in /system/bin using Root Explorer: go to /system/bin, in RootExplorer's menu select NewFile, set Name to netwifi and press Ok.
5. Let's change file content. Tap to created file and select Open in Text Editor. В теле файла прописываем следующую строчку
iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc essid YourWifiHotSpotNetwork, replace YourWifiHotSpotNetwork to the name of created before hot-spot. Next open a menu and select Save & Exit.
6. Next set access restrictions chmod 755 to created file. Tap on created file and select Permissions. Set ticks by this example: Column Read for User, Group, Others; Col Write only for User; Col Execute for User, Group and Others. Press Ok and exit RootExplorer.
7. Run GScript Lite and create a script. Enter a menu anв select Add script. Set Name field as you wish, set tick to Need SU, set text to the bottom field as /system/bin/netwifi. Next press Save and close GScript Lite.
8. Create shortcut on desktop. Select New Shortcut -> Gscript Lite -> your script name.
9. Open setting, turn on Wi-Fi. Create a new WiFi connection and name it exactly as you named it before on PC. Set open security type for this net.


1. Run or activate WiFi on PC.
2. Run WiFi на Android.
3. Run created GScript shortcut on phone desktop.

After that you will see a desired wifi icon on phone bar.

Resolving 'Obtaining IP Address' problem on phone

Next problem I resolved was stacked 'Obtaining IP Address' message on my phone when connecting ad-hoc on PC. First time it connected Ok but after refreshing network configuration this problem appeared. I googled a lot of info, many users with different phones has same problem but no solution. Router DHCP didn't get proper IP address for phone.

Hunting a problem I discovered strange IP on wireless adapter settings. (You could see it typing ipconfig command on cmd). Problem was resolved with manual setting up a configuration:

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :

Leave all other fields blank.