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Connecting moment to router?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PSYB0RG, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. PSYB0RG

    PSYB0RG Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually I have a few things I need help with, and I've checked the other threads & google and havent found much either, so here goes:

    1) Have anybody tried to connect their moment to their router? I just received my moment maybe 2 days ago, and I have a DLINK WBR-2310 router. its b/g mode (turbo) wpa password/tkip. I havent tried switching between wep, aes, wpa2, no password (open connection), but it appears others who have the HERO has tried all of that, and there have been a very few hits and a ton of misses, so i was hoping that someone here has done this already or may have a solution before i start to wreck my brain trouble shooting.

    PROBLEM SOLVED: Thanks to chidog
    Changed the WIRELESS SECURITY MODE settings then changed the encryption and authentication to AES and WPA2.

    Only problem now is, market doesnt seem to allow me to download anything, but I can still browse the web. Im also getting EXCELLENT CONNECTION.

    OK, SCRATCH ^^^^^. Now, everything is working. I just disconnected and reconnected to my WIFI and Im getting an INSANELY 13,320 kbps DL & 1024 kbps UL. I think im going to need some 1040 motor oil to loosen my hands from the M0M3NT now, lol

    I really wish there was a way to copy the results & post them here!!!!!!!!

    2) How do you save things to your SD CARD? I've looked at darn near everything and cannot figure this out! In fact, I dont even see how to even access your SD CARD to start with. I see that you can load wall papers from SD, but no direct way to go to SD card itself.

    3) Are you guys (who gets over 12 hrs of batt life) putting your phone in sleep mode quite a bit? Im actually trying to figure out what will work for me.

    If setting my display to 10%, leaving it on the entire while, leaving all other things off such as gps, wifi, (no blue tooth dev yet) and then doing a .5a (comp) charge vs a .7a (wall) charge after a full drain, and seeing which one actually holds a longer charge, and then setting everything to MAX & ON and repeating the charging, just to see what I will be comfortable with. I will post results here as well!

    4) Has anyone figured out how to put the phone to sleep while on call so that you dont accidently hit other button with your face?

    5) Where do I find the tools to back up my entire phone in its factory state, incase I do start to tinker around with rooting? Also, does rooting void your warranty?

    6) I forgot my other questions, and will edit this post when I remember them.

    **************DISCOVERED SO FAR**************************************

    Charging time w/ wall charger (while screen on)......... about an AWFULLY SLOW 2.5 hours!!!!!

    I started charging today at 2:30p EXACTLY. At 4:30 it was 80%. At 4:55 its at 90%, and Im guessing it will be completely charged by 5:20pm. So every 15 mins or so is an additional 10% charge. Since it takes this long, I think it should easily give you at least 66% or 7.5 hrs talk time.

    Which raises another question, if they advertise to get about 5 hrs of talk time, and im assuming that includes the phone screen being off since its pressed to your face (saving battery), OR, worst case scenario, you are using BLUE TOOTH which put extra drain on the battery, this is RIDICULOUS in comparison of charging:talk time ratio! Still a GREAT PHONE tho, just wanted to CONFIRM that!

    My next test will be the following:
    1) How fast it charges being turned off?

    2) Which charge actually last longer? .5a (comp) vs .7a (wall)

    3) Stand by time with screen both on & off!

    4) All settings on MAX, then again with all settings on MIN

    5) Cant remember the other things I planned to test, will edit when I remember, LOL

    Something that I Noticed, when you first power up your phone, you have about 55 mb of Ram. When u turn off NFL bloatware, it actually reduces your ram instead of increasing it, down to 48. I wonder why that is?

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  2. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    1) Not sure I totally understand the question but are we talking wifi here??? If so, you have to enable Wifi in your settings. ANd then you have to go to "wifi settings" and choose to connect and then it will do it's thing.

    2) To have complete control over your SD card, I do believe that you will need root access. Apps are stored on the internal memory. Generally, Pictures/videos/songs are stored on the SD card.

    3) Again, not sure what you are asking. Your phone SHOULD sleep when it is not in use and the screen goes dark. There have been problems of phones not sleeping properly. You can monitor it's sleeping habits with an app called "Spare Parts". It has a "battery history" section that compares "run time" with "screen on" with "phone on".

    4) There are proximity sensors on the phone that should turn your screen off to prevent your scenario. If the screen is not turning off as it nears your face, then it is not working properly.
  3. chibucks

    chibucks Android Enthusiast

    1. people have had issues with connecting to WEP secure routers - try changing that to a WPA secure and you should be able to connect no problem. (of course, WIFI needs to be enabled)

    2. files should automatically save to the SD card. as to where on the SD card, if you're saving from the browser, they should go to sdcard > downloads. you should be able to view this from file viewer or another file managing app.

    3. phone lasts quite a while 12+ hours of heavy use - no sleep mode (unless you mean the turning off the screen).

    4. cover the prox sensors right by the sprint logo. other than that, i'm not sure - i don't believe any of the buttons brings up anything to sleep the screen.
  4. PSYB0RG

    PSYB0RG Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I was talking about connecting the MOM3NT thru WIFI. I already have it on wpa/tkip on my router. Thats what i figured it should be on, but I guess I will try different settings such as WEP/AES/WPA2 and so on, and that is exactly what I was trying to prevent, but oh well, and if I figure it out, I will report back so others may find it easier connecting their devices for much faster speeds if they opt to do so.
  5. chibucks

    chibucks Android Enthusiast

    here's a previous thread where a lot of ideas were thrown around... SSID needs to be broadcast i think...


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