Connecting To An 'Iomega StorCenter ix2-200' Via Android Tablet?


Hi all :)

I've recently purchased the 'Iomega StorCenter ix2-200' with the intention of having a good backup for important documents, storing music to play via the PS3 on the local network and to have access documents from wherever we might be in the world.

This has been set up all OK on the laptop, and things are working well. I can also access the documents (albeit slowly) via the poorly rated 'Iomega Link' app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 4.0.4) anywhere. The problem is that the wife has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Android 4.1.1 I think) which the app is not compatible with.

I have installed ES File Explorer on mine, and can access documents when connected to the home WiFi at good speed (better than Iomega Link!), but not when connected to any other WiFi.

Does anybody know how to set up ES File Explorer to access the NAS remotely? If I can get this sorted out, it would be better solution for both tablets.

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First off welcome to the forums :)

If you are trying to access the files from any Wifi Connection you would need to make the Files Public, but with a password, to be connected to via a Public IP Address.

So whatever your public IP is, use that in a Web browser or whatnot and connect to the file server that way.