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Connecting to computer

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by notsotechysara, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. notsotechysara

    Thread Starter

    I got a new laptop for Christmas and tried to plug my phone into the usb port and nothing happened. When I plug it in at my parents house it works fine and I can drag and drop music etc. I tried doing some research and downloaded a driver from samsung and still nothing. I don't understand what rooting and driver and debugging etc mean lol .. so here is what I am doing if someone can please help me make it work!

    I plug my usb into the computer (on the right side as some sites suggest this is important info)
    on my phone i click to connect via usb and ok
    and then ... nothing!!

    Thanks in Advance,

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  2. jimweda

    jimweda Well-Known Member

    Do yourself a favor and download AirDroid. No need for cables or drivers. Just your phone and computer on the same network and you're good to go. Can even backup system files and best of all its free at the market. You'll never look back.

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