connecting to hard drive attached to router

I am attempting to access the hard drive that is connected (via usb) to my router (ASUS RT-N13U Rev.B1). How can I access the hard drive and then create a directory on my tablet, so I can automatically write to the external hard drive when it is in range of my router? I do not have internet a connection on the router. I am running Android 2.3.3 and I have a Tablet from China (M7206 #87), which I rooted. Please Help! I have been at this for 3 days straight. I have attempted to use apps such as cifsmanager and mount manager, but they are not working.

-Mr. Frustrated


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I have never seen a router that would host USB storage, but it sounds like an interesting product. For your tablet (or any other device) to see the drive, it would have to be setup as a network share. I would assume the router's firmware would do this and assign it an IP number. I would then get ES File Explorer and connect to the drive using the IP address assigned by the router. If you can browse the device at that point you should be good to go.