Help Connecting to PC Hotspot


I have the Samsung Note and a HP Laptop running Windows7. I have set up an ad-hoc wifi hotspot on my laptop for when I am offshore on a boat and can connect my laptop to the internet via the ethernet cable. I should be able to find my pc hotspot and connect my phone to it but it is not seen. I did have an app (wifi buddy) that could see the laptops hotspot but it would not let me connect to it on the phone. I know the hotsopt is there because other laptops can see my laptops hotspot. I have tried setting the hotspot on 2x HP Laptops and 1x Dell but the Note still can't find them. I even has a mate search for my hotspot on his HTC Android phone but he could not find it either.

The objective is to be able to connect to my laptops hotspot and use VoIP apps like Vibre.

Can anyone advise if they have managed this?