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Support Connection Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MikesTooLz, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    For the last couple of days I know that the Optimus M users on metro have been having connectivity issues wtih the market and apps that require data usage.

    My Indulge has been running fine while others I know with the Optimus M have been haing problems. I have had them side by side, so I dong think its a tower issue. Metro is blaming it on google, but if it was google wouldnt all androids be down at the same time? I figured it was either an LG issue or 2G issue since my indulge is working but running on 4G.

    Well, now this morning my indulge just started acting up and having connectivity issues. I am unable to browse the web, load the market, or use apps that connect to the internet.


  2. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    I am having the same issues as well.
  3. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    I called Metro and they gave me the same BS that they have been giving the Optimus users for the last couple of days.

    "we are aware of this issue and it should be fixed within 2 hours"

    days later they are still saying it should be fixed within 2 Hours, thats nuts. Makes me wonder if they even know what the issue is.
  4. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    I think it a google issue.
    Neither my wifes Blackberry (on Sprint I think)nor my daughters Ascend can get to market.
  5. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    its back up.

    if its a google issue, I would like to know why all of my data is being routed through them?
  6. ccnemrod

    ccnemrod Member

    i've had this problem with my indulge, working in atlanta, ga i should have coverage like a mofo, instead, my data drops constantly.. if i turn the phone off then back on, it connects, then loses data connection after bout 10 mins. metro just refreshed my phone signal... dunno if it was coincidence or not but after the bloatware removal, i hit 1g connection in my house after i restarted the phone... and it hasnt done that since i bought the phone 5 days ago :) my wife has the optimus but she hasnt complained bout the data , i dont even think she uses it lol
  7. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    I have a sinking feeling its stupid cell tower maintenance. Even at work with metro, the server to our computers go down randomly without a warning. If we get a warning its like a miracle from god lol. I seriously hate when any cable/wireless company does some kind of maintenance without at least letting people know. People wouldn't care if they didn't have service long as they know how long it'll take. So say they said "you won't be able to use the web for 10 min", and after 10 min if it came back up then we'd be cool. But companies for some stupid ass reason think that IF they do that people will bitch, well there right. Except alot less people will bitch lol.
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  8. GMChaos121

    GMChaos121 Lurker

    This might sound kind of stupid but hear me out. Check your 4g sim card that is under the battery. I had the issues and checked it and noticed that it slid out of its slot a little bit. Once I pushed it back in and turned the phone on, it worked again. It may not be the same for everyone but it is possible that something as simple as that happened to a few of us.
  9. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    no it was confirmed to be affecting all metro customers across the US at about the same time.

    metro was blaming it on google, but why would it then also be effecting non android phones? They were doing something and didnt want to let us know what. I dont get it, if your going to be doing something like performing upgrades, just let us know instead of making us think our phones are broken.
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  10. GMChaos121

    GMChaos121 Lurker

    I work for metro, so i knew that much. No, i was referring to my sim card actually sliding out and me losing my internet services for it. Once i slid it back in I was fine again.
  11. Jessehesse133

    Jessehesse133 Newbie

    For some odd reason my 4g is acting up.. its not working at all.. but my wifi and 1x is working fine anyone else having this issue?
  12. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    ive had problems with my navigator and other things that need to verify my location i noticed it after i use wifi then switch back to 4g. i restart my phone to get it to work normally again. i think metro is upgrading there shit to quick for their standards. i have no idea but its getting me upset
  13. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    I had connection issues today, all because of one ******ed app "Juice Defender". NEVER EVER INSTALL THIS POS. Its so horrible that no only did it screw up my 4G and even X1 rates, but even after I uninstalled it, it STILL screwed up my phone. Till I finally rebooted my phone. Was like a never ending plague. So be careful what apps you guys install, esp ones made to save your battery. I learned the hard way (took me nearly all day to figure out what was wrong, and lol a customer had the same problem with his indulge. Problem was the stupid ass app, that we both had.)
  14. woodseawoman

    woodseawoman Lurker

    I have been having major issues and already 2 replacement galaxy indulge phones with Metro pcs. I am lost with how to deal with them because I bought this phone and I am in a major metro area and have been with the company for 10 years but they just keep sending me away with my tail between my legs and another accuse. I am to the end of my wits and so frustrated with this phone. I do not know what do do but kiss 400 dollars away and go to another question. I am going crazy here and really need support from others with the same problem. Please e mail me at wodzywom@aol.com or even call me if your having problems with your phone because I know it is not me. My number is 561-541-0847 My name is Jenny and there has to be a resolution to this problem. So frustrated, because that was a lot of money thay I should not have spent and I have yet to even have internet connection with the phone since I purchased it. sincerly I feel robbed and taken advantage of, Jenny
  15. woodseawoman

    woodseawoman Lurker

    I have had nothing but problems with metro and my 4g 400 dollar sam/gal/indulge, that it is so frustrating and crazy. It is really upseting me. They have replaced it twice told me it was fine and the only time I can go online is when I am home or by someone elses network. Metro pcs is not delivering the goods and service we have paid for. Please help me. Truly a very upset and taken advantage of woman. Email is wodzywom@aol.com or phone me at 561-541-0847, Please help if you have the same problems. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GO NEXT EXCEPT FOR OUR LOCAL NEWS CHANNEL BECAUSE METRO PSC HAS JUST KEPT PUSHIND ME AWAY AND I HAVE GONE WITHOUT A FIGHT.
  16. woodseawoman

    woodseawoman Lurker

    Yes so many problems
  17. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    woodsea i understand ur frusteration but um i dont think its safe to be posting your personal number online if i was you i would edit that post and remove it just for your own safety sweety.
  18. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Go to the B.B.B.
  19. confed

    confed Android Expert

    BBB doesnt really do anything. It just shows a complaint was put against them. People rarely check out the BBB before buying a product or service. I used to help run a company and BB never affected our sales in anyway, most complaints are unfounded or misinformed on there anyway. Not sure why people think BBB complaints are going to make MetroPCS reverse their bad planning and support for this phone.
  20. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    Jenny, i don't know what part of FL you're in but here in Delray I do pretty well overall. Whenever I have connection problems I just shut the LTE off and on with the LTE functionality test shortcut. Download Anycut from the Market and create the shortcut...try that. Otherwise I just restart the phone.
  21. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Yep im having the same issues. They are blaming part on weak signal at towers and bad software on the phone.

    I'm having the same issue with 4G. And I'm on my second phone. Last trouble ticket has come and gone. And I took the second phone in. And now they have stopped switching them and say that same thing. Weak towers and bad software. I have been dealing with this for three months since day one of having the indulge. I say wher is my full refund for the phone and let me go on my way already!

    Ill be calling corporate for the 2nd time today.
  22. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    And what's the outcome?

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