Help connection problem on galaxy s2


In house I'm on talk talk s2 either won't connect to internet or is so slow its Acer tab is fast no prob there.when I turn off wifi it says g not 3g or h.I'm on t mobile network on the s2 its a phone & sim deal not a t mobile s2.I ent that clued up with this sort of thing & its doin my nut in coz I want it working & t mobile ent helping the useless f#*%$. So if there's any out there who can help me out I'd really appreciate it massively :thumbup: thanks
well i don't seem to know why its slow on the wifi..but on the 3g network u might need to check in setting > mobile networks > mobile networks then make sure the 3g is selected.

And also make sure u are in an area where 3g network is available.