Help Connection Sharing (NOT 3g)


hey everyone, greetings from Kuwait... I need a little help.

I have my droid and my mac. I don't have cell service here. I just have wifi that I am paying for. It only allows me to use one device on it. But, I need to use both. I did have a battle buddy here that I was able to run a line between our machines (connection sharing) and then re-broadcast on our own ad-hoc net.

He moved north yesterday but I still need to get this to work. I seem to be having a problem getting the connection sharing between my MAC and my Droid 2 Global. So, I am asking for help. I only have 2 options to do this. USB & BlueTooth. Can anyone help me share the connection from my droid to my MacBook using either method?

remember this is not 3G. I have to share the signal my droid is getting on the wifi to my mac (or vice versa) to make this work out.




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I'm not 100% sure it will work with WiFi, but PDANet is the number one USB tethering app I see mentioned on these forums, constantly. Wish I could be more help. Thanks for your service.


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I have PDAnet and easytether. Unfortunately, I am not having any luck with this working out. I really want to make it work but so far, no dice.

I can get the single connection on each device but I can't set up PAN on the droid i guess. And it isn't receiving it from the MacBook either... both will broadcast but neither is listening correctly... the mac just wants to use DUN and not PAN when I set up the source on the droid...

arrrggghhhh I'll keep trying but might have to settle...