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Connector for 7.7 same as P1000???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by skypilotpete, May 3, 2012.

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    Can anyone tell me if the connector for the Galaxy 7.7 is meant to be exactly the same as for the P1000? I recently bought a cable on Ebay, that was listed as being compatible with the Galaxy 7.7 P6800 as well as with a number of other Galaxy models, including the P1000. When it arrived it was in a package labelled P1000 and there is no way that it would fit my 7.7 P6800. I have returned it and received a refund, but I would like to know if the connectors are meant to be identical, meaning that the one I received was faulty (and hence it is worth me trying another one) of if they known to be incompatible, meaning that the advertising claims were false from the start. I've done quite a bit of googling on this and can't find any definitive answer. I hope someone here can help.


    I have found the answer to my own question, which perhaps others may find useful.

    Galaxy Tablets with the SAME connector:
    7.0+ P6200/P6210
    7.7 P6800/P6810
    8.9 P7300/P7310
    10.1 P7500/P7500

    Galaxy Tab with DIFFERENT connector: 7.0 P1000/P1100

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    Sorry, I have to disagree with your findings. I live in the UK and bought the original 7.0 Tab (GT-P1000) when i was in Hong Kong last year on holiday, along with an additional third party USB charging cable for it; I leave this one plugged in my work desktop PC, and use the genuine USB cable that came with the P1000 plugged into my home PC so I don't have to worry about taking chargers to/from work. Earlier this year I was in Hong Kong again and bought the newer 7.7 P6800. I still have the same charging set-up (i.e. third party USB P1000 cable at work, Samsung USB P1000 cable at home) to charge my P6800. Obviously it takes a lot longer to charge via USB from a PC but the point is, the P1000 charging cables fit perfectly in my P6800.

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