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Considering a move from WinMo to Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by piannetta, May 25, 2010.

  1. piannetta

    piannetta Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi there,

    I currently use an HTC TP2 and have had enough of the sluggish performance of the device and WinMo. I loathe the iPhone and it's support for Exchange syncing is dreadful so I'm now looking at Android.

    I've spent a bit of time scanning these forums (really useful by the way, thanks to all the contributors) and have gathered that Exchange syncing of mail, calendar and tasks seems to be a core part of Android.

    But I'm looking for information (and probably more so anyone's practical experience) on some specifics that I've not been able to find:
    * Does the email client allow you to flag emails for followup (this is my main way of tracking and keeping on top of my work)?
    * I assume Android handles alarms and reminders for tasks and appointments?
    * I assume you can invite people to meetings (the iPhone can't which is why I'm asking)?

    It would be great to have an Exchange guide to help people like me to understand if Android offers full exchange support or are there certain functions limited, as they are on the iPhone.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or pointing me to the right place for this info. Hoping to make the Android move very soon.


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  2. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Sadly while I love android I still use my winmo phone for work. Android is woefully lacking in exchange support beyond basic functionality. It has no support whatsoever for stand alone installations of outlook and there is no third party app that offers either unless IT is ok with third party solutions. Even then its best described as weak. Android is not ready for work, not even close.
  3. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    Android is built to work with Google's groupware; Exchange support is rudimentary at best. I think there are some 3rd-party services out there? (For instance, I'm using a 3rd-party tool to sync my work Lotus Notes calendar to my phone.)

    But even for Google's own groupware, the PIM apps (contacts, calendar, and mail) are adequate at best. Coming from a Palm pda, I was seriously disappointed!

    Sorry, but don't set your sights very high. For now. :eek:
  4. piannetta

    piannetta Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your views guys, disappointing. I suppose it's "watch this space" and hope for improvements...
  5. richtj99

    richtj99 Newbie

    When you say that exchange support is basic. Does it sync Email, contacts & Calendar?
  6. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Yes,and although I don't use them, there are some really good 3rd party aps out there that work really well with exchange (on the HTC incredible at least).
  7. piannetta

    piannetta Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi Necosino,

    So do these apps provide a full set of Exchange-based features? What makes them work really well in your opinion?

  8. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Like I said, I don't actually use them. K-9 Is supposed to be one of the best I believe.
  9. jasoraso

    jasoraso Member

    to the O.P., you need to understand that support for Exchange, including calendar invitations has improved greatly over the least few versions of android, as well as with the different implementations (HTC Sense etc), and that is why there is such a varied response.

    I have the Droid incredible, w/ Android 2.1 and HTC Sense, and the exchange support seems very well implemented. It is my understanding that this is due to both 2.1 and HTC Sense. From what I gather many implementations of exchange that previously required the 3rd party app "Touchdown" which helped Android work well with Exchange is not needed because the the HTC Sense.

    The new software Android 2.2 which is beginning to be released takes the Exchange support a step further, and implements even tighter integration w/ exchange, w/o even needing Sense.

    Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised at how far it has come from the first generation of Android.
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  10. admile3

    admile3 Member

    As Jaso has touched on, Android 2.2 FroYo will have enhanced Exchange Support. There's no way that Google will leave Exchange out in the cold when it comes to always enhancing and making the support for it better. The corporate crowd is way too big of a market to be ignored. That is arguably what has brought Blackberry to the status it has reached. The enhancements and support will continue to only get better from here, so dont count Android out just yet!
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  11. Timothye

    Timothye Lurker

    i bought my first windows mobil in december 09 . the HTC HD2 ( windows pro )
    at first i was in love , basically with the screen size , but after using it for a month or so i was not impressed .
    im not going to state all the problems i had but i did exchange it for another HD2 , the first one was defective .
    so i had the second one until about 2 weeks ago .it also died .
    i took it back to the shop .
    they exchanged it for the HTC legend running android 2.1
    i have never been happier.
    the only problem i have experienced has been the facebook app . and that was probably due to updates .

    other than that this phone gets a 98 from me .
    to make it 100% for me would be
    1 =a larger display
    1=2.2 froyo .

    Android is on my top list for an OS !!

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  12. piannetta

    piannetta Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Jasoraso, that's really encouraging and I appreciate your view. I haven't given up just yet, and am really itching to go down this path after so many years persevering with WinMo.

    As a side question, I'm thinking of getting the HTC Desire which I think runs on 2.1, is it relatively straight forward to upgrade to 2.2 when that comes out?

  13. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User


    I moved from using WinMo for quite a few years and am pretty happy. Applications are not as nice as on WinMo, but android needs timie to get to that stage.

    it definitely is a boost in performance and if you search a bit you will find what you need.
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  14. fscotth1

    fscotth1 Lurker

    I too find it unbelievable that one cannot set followup reminders for emails. The whole point of a smartphone is to be mobile and not tethered to a computer. The desktop gmail allows one to "add emails to task", but not on the droid. To me, this is a simple thing for google to do, but I've been researching for the last 2 months, since switching from my blackberry, and for YEARS, people have been asking for the same thing. I would say that it's safe to say, that no one, including google or other app developers have the skill or will to create this functionality.
    I hate to say it, but droids are not designed for business people who need to be mobile. It is, at best, a neat toy with neat apps that only allows basic business functions like reading emails, appointments and phone calls when you boil it down. You
  15. richtj99

    richtj99 Newbie

    I would give touchdown a try (from the app market). It is pricey, but it has a 30 day free trial & it sync's notes. I am pretty sure you can flag messages too. It might be the answer your looking for (might not).

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