Considering a Thunderbolt, if I stay with Android


My wife and I both have the Eris since it was released. It


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I too came from an Eris and can relate to the call issues. I was forced to use the "call confirm" app just to know when the phone finally put the call through. I can tell tell you that the Thunderbolt has NO issues with the dialer. The phone is extremely responsive in all situations. Everything loads quickly and works without issue. I had gotten so used to the Eris, which, although it had its problems, I loved. The TB is a huge upgrade in all respects. Even the battery which people complain about, is as good if not better than the Eris. Not saying much, I know, but if you can deal with the Eris' battery ou'll be just fine with the TB!


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The eris was underpowered when it was released. I've gone from a droid to a droid 2 global to the thunderbolt. I consider myself a power user. The droid 2 global was better with multiple apps running at once but the larger screen and LTE network make me like this phone more. I would have a difficult time going to 3g phone now. I think you would not regret going to the thunderbolt and the issues you describe are not android issues but issues with the eris

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If you dont want 4g you might want to look at the Dinc 2. I have heard the battery life is great on the phone and is basically like the Bolt but no 4g.


Purely as a phone the thunderbolt works great. It is still a bit buggy on the data end, but fixes are on the way. I agree with one of the previous posters though...if 4G is not important to you, then there is nothing wrong with the dinc2...also the x2 will be out by the end of the month. If 4G is something you want/need, then just be forewarned that they are still working through the bugs and probably will for a while.


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Thanks all for the info, it is good to know the phone function itself works better on the newer Android devices. I have been considering the Thunderbolt because I


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i'll say this. when i got my tbolt, it made me feel like i've never experienced android the way it was meant to. the multi tasking is so much better. being able to exit an app and do a few things and be able to go back to that original app where i left off is great. my og droid would lose my place all the time. coming from a phone as dated as the eris, you'll appreciate the tbolt far more than most people