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Considering Commando over HTC Incredible 2 for my first Android. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DFD01, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. DFD01

    DFD01 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello all. So the simple question I'm facing is Commando or HTC Incredible 2? I don't want to have something I have to constantly baby or leave in the car because of wet weather, but I also don't want an extremely slow phone that won't let me use popular, non-multimedia apps or many of the popular location / GPS apps out there.

    My first concern I have about the Commando is regarding true durability and water resistance / waterproofness. With all the reports of people breaking their Commandos due to accidental drops or having the port covers fail, is it right to be worrying about this or are they simply isolated cases? It's not like it'll be taken swimming or taken under water deliberately, but I would very much like to take it sailing for GPS tracking purposes (mainly wet deck / board boats that sometimes capsize) and kayaking for the same reasons (which truly IS wet!). I would like to know that having a phone in my pocket when I'm out and rain comes is not going to be a problem.

    My second and final concern is regarding speed / rooting / customizing / slimming down of software. I'm a professional photographer and as such will be using my Android phone as a portfolio in the same way I do my iPod touch, but otherwise I am not too concerned with multimedia use (oh and music / podcasts in the car). That aside, I a) want to root to get rid of bloatware, replace Bing with Google and install a wifi tethering app for very occasional use, and b) try out and use a multitude of apps that will make my life easier. I just don't want a device that is going to be so slow that it won't work with half the apps I want to use. Again, nothing fancy.

    The ONLY reasons I would consider the Incredible over the Commando is that it's presumably faster and a little smaller and is probably easier to root. I could care less about the screen size or responsiveness or any of the other fancy features the Incredible has. Conversely the only reason I am considering the Commando is because it's durable and waterproof.

    Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. The Commando is tough and waterproof, and the screen is harder to press. I have a droid x and a commando, and an old blackberry. the Incredible is sweet but not as durable as the commando and the incredible probably is easier to use, but not as tough. personally, I love the commando. I have not seen any custom roms for the commando. The incredible has plenty.
    Check out my underwater waterproof casio commando videos at my youtube channel CasioCommandoFun

    Casio C771 G'zOne Commando
    I was watching a Ken Block, insane Gymkhana video, under water with my Casio Commando, in a creek at Brevard College, in Brevard North Carolina. The water temperature was ice cold on July 4th, 2011. You have to make sure all doors on the phone are closed so you will not damage the phone. The screen is very sensitive to the temperature of the water. The water will actually control the phone because the phone thinks the water is your fingers. So is takes practice to enter the phone into the water without stopping the video.

    To record videos underwater with the Casio Commando, you have to
    1) call someone and stay on the call
    2) start the camcorder recording
    3) tap the power button to turn off the screen. The phone thinks the water is your fingers and
    the water will control your phone to do weird things such as stop recording. The sound of the speakers on the phone gets clogged with water so it does not sound good until the water drains out of the speakers. I blow on the different doors and holes on the phone to clear the water so I can hear the speakers. I wait on the phone to dry
    completely before charging again or opening the doors for any reason.
    I do own a Casio Commando activated, a Droid X activated and a Blackberry activated.
    Check out my video at the link below.

    Search for my channel on you tube CasioCommandoFun to see my video

    I would like for someone to create an app so I can disable the
    screen so I can record video underwater without making a phone call.
    I have owned the Casio Commando for 2 months and I really love it.
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  3. DFD01

    DFD01 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input! So...how about a slightly detailed analysis on the performance of the Commando vs Droid X? I'm mostly concerned about speed, e.g. I really don't want to be restricted to using a small number of apps. Again, nothing fancy like streaming HD video, but certainly I'll want to use photo gallery apps and be able to play misc. videos that's the actual resolution of the screen. Maybe YouTube here and there. What specs would I find missing on the Commando and how is this going to degrade performance? Again, I'm going to immediately root, remove bloatware and have a clean phone that I can use for misc. purposes. Also I'll be installing a 32GB microSD card.

    Here's the deal. At this very moment (like today and tomorrow) I'm considering taking over a friend's contract w/ the unlimited plan. I'll get the two month old (pristine...literally) Droid Incredible 2 from him for free (includes Otterbox Defender, car charger, orig. box), but at the same time I might order a brand new Commando from eBay for $300 or $350 and sell this Droid Incredible for $300. The upsides are that I get the unlimited data plan grandfathered, I have the opportunity to try both phones, I am spending less than if I got a grandfathered plan and had to buy a phone outright, and finally, buying a Commando from eBay I have the opportunity to put a two year SquareTrade warranty on it.

    Thanks again!
  4. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    Get the Commando if you do anything out doors I've fallen in the ocean with it and left it on my back porch in the rain on accident. Have also dropped it in the sand on the beach. Never had a smartphone before (I just used the Iphone 4 I bought for my girlfriend if I needed something) and honestly none would have lasted very long. I got the Commando because Casio makes great rugged phones which I've had before (no smart Casio Phones before this one) and just took a shot at having one. VERY VERY happy I did this phone is GREAT.

    It was pretty slow and laggy when I first got it, but it is very simple to root. I used Superone Click and it was as easy as plugging it in and hitting ROOT. Then used Titanium Back-up to backup everything and then removed all the Verizon Bloatware and non needed apps/programs. Now it is faster than my girls iPhone 4 and my mom's Droid X2 lol. (theirs aren't rooted)

    If you would like to know more there is a thread I started showing tips to improve its speed/performance.


    Or a thread where a few of us discussed these tips and list of apps that are safe to remove as we went along.


    Rafael can help your more than me though, but good luck on your new phone whatever it may be!! Hope you join us in helping make the Commando community bigger!!
  5. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast

    Extended warranty?

    I would save that money....expecially if you plan to root the phone.
    That warranty will be void if they discover you rooted. it.

    Besides.....that next great device is normally only a year or two away.

    I consider the Commando a good device...made better by rooting.
    Even without a warranty, I think it should outlive most other phones.
  6. rjglenn

    rjglenn Android Enthusiast

    I have never been disappointed with the Commando. Even though there aren't any custom ROMs available for it, there are some tweeks that can be done to the phone to make it perform as well as probably most anything on the market right now.

    I am a firefighter and I farm. I carry my phone in the pocket of my bunker coat during fires and I carry my phone in my pants pocket while driving tractors and working outdoors. It gets wet, it gets dirty, it gets sweaty, it gets sooty, it gets greasy, but I don't worry much about it. It continues to work. I don't dunk it in water and and I don't slam it around. If you regularly submerge in water or slam any device that has a large sheet of glass for a face on asphalt its probably not going to be good for it. Only a fool would expect a manufacturer to warrenty a device mishandled in such a way - they would go out of business in short order if they did.

    I try not to open the USB port or the earphone port unless absolutely necessary - the charging cradel and bluetooth devices really negate the need to open these up. I figure that the little rubber seals will not handle much movement and I really would prefer to keep the water resistance intact as much as possible.

    Get one, root it. Remove the files that are listed elsewhere on this forum and use your phone where ever you are without the fear of it no longer working. Wifi tethering works as well as any other 3g device. Flash works, Slacker works, the camera takes as good of photos as any other camera phone. Battery life is consistent with every other android phone I have had - the more you keep the screen lit up and the radio working the shorter the battery life will be. I've just starting playing with the v6 supercharger script. I haven't noticed a great improvement because the phone seemed pretty good to start with. Reception performance is adequate in my area. I think the signal meter tends to under report signal strength as it works well with two or less bars, while other phones on the network at the same location display more bars.

    Like most things you read on the internet, your personal experience may vary. My experience has been good, yours might not and I can't be responsible for that.

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast

    Just out of curiosity, what is the name of that UNLIMITED DATA plan you're talking about? I'm sure it's an older plan, but I'd still like to know.
    I currently have the unlimited data CONNECT PLAN, but Verizon is telling be that it won't work with a smartphone. Are they BS'ing me?
  8. The main difference is the screen response to touch. The Commando is a little harder to press because the screen is a little thicker. Otherwise, I would sell the Droid X before selling the Commando. I can take the Commando to the shower with me and drop it off the top of the shower, about a 5' drop, several times, and it keeps working. I don't know what it is about all the smartphones, other than the Commando, but if you drop it one time, the 3.5mm jack starts giving trouble. I hate that. It has happened with every smartphone I have owned since 1998, starting with the Palm flip smartphone. I guess the plug has never really been welded enough to hold the weight of the plug. My Droid X is slightly damaged for this reason. The Commando is my dream phone, as far as I am concerned. I can't wait to accedentally bury it in some wet concrete, and take it out, wash it and it still be working. Wonderful.
    The Droid X would fall apart, like most other smartphones. After the update, the copy and paste on the Droid x is terrible. Too many clicks. The Commando is still quicker in that respect. I watch videos on the commando all the time. Check out my video underwater at youtube channell CasioCommandoFun Photo Gallery works just fine on the Commando.

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