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Considering the Droid; some info please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mpmilestogo, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. mpmilestogo

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    Jul 19, 2009
    Director Global Software Engineering
    San Francisco Bay Area
    I started out with a HTC Magic 32A from Airtel India which had no google experience apps on it (market, gmail, etc). So basically waited a bit for the XDA Developers to figure out a way to root it so I could install new ROMs on it. I still have the 32A which I use for traveling internationally but I have a US cell phone number at ATT which languishes that I am thinking of porting to VZW. I would probably get the 2 year plan. A few questions:

    Exchange support: If you have seen the Sense UI on a HTC, does the calendar app compare to this? Where all the calendars are managed in a single UI? I like having google calendars and exchange calendar showing up with different colors.

    Android 2.0: Cooked experimental ROMs are beginning to show up on XDA for Android 2.0 and I'm interested in the overall impressions of its usefulness, how it integrates social networking like FB and whether it offers any linkedin integration. Is there a native twitter client bundled? I use swift as a twitter client but I'd be interested in knowing whether the level of integration is the same as with the the Sense ROMs.

    Android SDK: Does the latest SDK work? Can one use ADB to push things to the SD card? I use this functionality quite often and have been extending my knowledge of the ADB tool since you can really do all kinds of things with it.

    Rooting or Not: I'm not concerned with rooting the droid at all. At some point, it will be rooted because that's the nature of the android universe and on the HTC Airtel Magic we had to have it rooted or it was extremely limited in its uses. The Droid will hopefully be supported by Verizon well into the future. Someone always comes along though and cooks something which is better; offers other integration points for applications, or includes a cool app or two which cannot be run in a non-rooted phone.

    UI Responsiveness: How responsive is the UI really? The Sense UI was pretty bad early on but its gotten much better with the latest official ROM ports.

    Thanks for reading all this. I'm very interested in obtaining a Droid when I get back to the states and port my unused ATT cell number.


  2. MotoDroidHelpandInfo

    MotoDroidHelpandInfo Well-Known Member

    1. Yes it does do exchange and it has a seperate corporate calendar app.

    2 FB integration is great and i love it no native twitter integration. Although there are plenty of great apps.

    3. Of course it works

    4. Don't root unnecessary in my opinion.

    5. Responsiveness is great and I've used a lot oof phones. Probably equal to or the same as the iphones.

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